4 AI trends and how it will impact the nature of business in 2019

The new world order has taken over technology and human lives. Artificial intelligence is invading our everyday lives and it has impacted our softwares, healthcare sector, laws, automobiles, and agriculture in numerous ways. 2018 witnessed a swift rise in the tools and applications based on AI and Machine Learning. But it doesn’t stop there. Businesses are constantly coming up with innovative ways to use Artificial Intelligence to collect data, engage with their customers, make simpler processes and drive sales.

Moreover, financial industry will benefit immensely with the development and implementation of AI. It will provide consumers with a personal financial concierge that will help them to figure out an appropriate style of spending, investing and saving, based on their personal objectives and choices.

With the advent of AI-powered chatbots, the world witnessed a dramatic upsurge in seamless customer engagement and data collection. But what next? How can AI further boost the success of companies in 2019? What are companies gearing up for? Here are the top 4 AI trends that will impact businesses in the coming year. Take a look.

1) Automated Machine Learning

AutoML is all set to change the face of Machine Learning based solutions. Empowering business analysts and developers to invent ML models that can address complex scenarios, this technology will help them to stay focused on what is important without worrying about the process. Without forcing the developers to go through a tiresome workflow, this technology will deliver the right amount of customization.

2) Virtual Agents

In the past few years, we saw AI chatbots answering visitor’s questions, qualifying sales leads and helping customers check out. Now, get ready to experience more in 2019. Instead of creating chatbots, companies are developing virtual agents with a face and matching personality to handle more customer service tasks. For example, Ava is a female virtual agent developed by Autodesk. She speaks for the brand and is much more successful than its previous chatbot due to her persona. Such virtual agents are expected to increase customer engagement and sales.

3) Speech Recognition

66.6 million Americans are expected to use voice or speech recognition technology by 2019. Amazon’s Alexa is already a big hit in the market, making it easier for consumers to do things around their homes while searching for information online. Also, in 2019, chip manufacturers such as AMD, Qualcomm, and Intel are expected to ship specialized chip to speed up the execution of AI-enabled applications such as speech recognition.

4) Cyber Defense

With cybercriminals targeting SaaS platforms, tech security has become a menace for business owners. But online enemies could be easily detected by expert artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies. AI is now empowered to detect abnormal activities and to defend and protect systems before the threat spreads.

Over the next few years, Artificial intelligence will deliver approximately $2 trillion worth of business value worldwide and will increase efficiency and work productivity through seamless process management. Need technical expertise or knowledge in the field of AI? 3i Infotech can help you with that.

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