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Have you ever thought data backup could be so important for the endpoint you are using?

At this moment of global crisis where lockdown is necessary to avoid the COVID-19 pandemic, most of the businesses are struggling to keep their operations running. Many employees are working from home remotely to ensure business continuity. This is also the time when organizations need to realise the importance of having a strong data backup strategy, as it is critical. Your current data backup practice may not support employees working from their homes or anywhere outside office premises, perhaps it may not cover end users’ data. But this is the time when you need to tighten up your enforcement,to ensure you protect the enduser data, by which you can de-risk potential data loss and data leakage.

A data loss or a leak can heavily impact an organization with a potential financial and goodwill loss. Many a time, people associate data backups with the ability to bring back a folder, file or entire data content stored on a laptop in the case of an accidental loss of data, and this is a good justification towards implementing and enforcing data backup strategy.

Following are the key reasons for an organization to decide on data backup strategy and implement it on priority –

Data Loss Prevention

One of the main reasons for data backup of important information stored on endpoint (desktop or laptop) is to prevent data loss scenarios and protect against situations like system crash or hard drive failure.

Plan B for Business Continuity

Having an additional data backup helps in avoiding any delay in business operations, due to data corruption or damaged/missing endpoint.

Compliance Requirements

Multiple audit standard surge business users to retain a copy of data from endpoints for mandatory requirements in line with financial regulations.

Ready to Handle any Disaster Situation

Regular data backups help us to be prepared during cybercrime orransomwaree vents. It is easy tore start business operations, asthe loss of data is prevented.


Enables businesses to digitally storeall important data and to access it whenever required

Competitive Gain

Allow extra mile for the organization to continue with Business as Usual (BAU) even in case of any major disaster at region / country level, which gives a competitive advantage to continue serving the customers as normal.

At this time, with the employees working from home (WFH), organisations need a reliable backup solution which –

  1. Is hosted in certified data centers
  2. Has minimal impact on your user endpoints
  3. Is easy on network bandwidth utilization
  4. You can manage centrally via role based access policies
  5. Keeps your data secure both in transit and at rest
  6. Allows you to control encryption keys
  7. Uses industry-standard protocols like https over tcp port # 443
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