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Digital integration and services management

Can help you modernize business processes

Adopt predictive analytics

Develop a unified customer strategy across digital channels

Digital transformation conceptual for next generation technology era

Who We Are

Digital Adoption & Transformation

Key Changes

  • Industry 4.2 readiness for “Telecom Businesses” to be an Digital Enterprise
  • CSP to leverage 5 G business strategy to transform the business model ( Beyond VOICE & DATA)
  • Inorganic capability building through start-up incubators and accelerators
  • Collaborative, co-creation of IP and business value creation by being a platform for innovation through managing an Eco-system
  • Border-less delivery of ” Centre of Excellence ” as the world has become flatter post the pandemic
  • Building business process management through” Human and AI enabled Humanoid

Key Changes 5G Brings To Business & Tech Environment

Cloud architecture is evolving into an Edge Computing based architecture which provided greater processing power to end user smart devices

Edge computing integrates the power of AI ,IOT , Block Chain, AR/VR which will provide a connected world of “SMART DEVICES AND SERVICES ” delivering SMART BUSINESSES

The emergence of ” Zero Trust ” architecture which will ensure the highest standards of data security

Centre of Excellence – Telecom OSS BSS

Build and create unique solutions as part of the organization road map and build COE for Smart Services around AI, IOT and Block chain


( BSS/OSS /CVM /BI / NOC/SOC /RA /DATA ANALYTICS) - Application Maintenance and Development


Transition and Migration management of SDN implementation and 5G and EDGE ready

AI, IOT, Block Chain

Build and operate the based service providers delivery platform, Governance, and compliance management to drive enhanced revenue


Incubate, accelerate start up ecosystem to develop the next generation solutions and services

NuRe Bharat Network

At NuRe Bharat Network, a 3i Infotech Company, we take pride in spearheading industry disruption with our innovation and redefinition of business-consumer connections.
Experience the power of a network that spans 6109 railway stations across India, offering captive Wi-Fi connectivity. With a staggering 76 million monthly sessions and 2700 terabytes of data consumed, we cater to the digital needs of 15 million suburban travelers every month.
At the heart of our mission is connecting Bharat in local languages, engaging with 2 million daily and 50 million monthly Wi-Fi users at railway stations.

Extend your reach to 35 million long-distance travelers monthly and connect with 250+ million Bharat travelers, actively driving internet usage. We pride ourselves on reaching media-dark audiences and ensuring inclusivity in our transformative journey.
Stay connected for updates on how NuRe Bharat Network is reshaping the railways-telecom landscape.

Success Factor for Communication Service Provider (CSP)

Cost Reduction

Digital IT Service & Assets Optimization To Reduce Cost

Qos & QoE

Improving Qos & QoE by Network Modernization & Omni Channel Customer Experience Management

Revenue Growth

Increasing ARPU by offering new products/ services, bundled services & partnership

Low Churn

Unleash the power of analytics to better anticipate probability to churn improve customer service

Telecom Industry Offerings

  • Network inventory management
  • 24-hour remote technical support
  • Server maintenance services
  • IT security maintenance
  • Cloud and network migration services, IT storage maintenance
  • Omni-channel Customer Experience
  • Data Analytics
  • 5G, Edge Computing, SASE
  • Digital Solutions & Services
  • Digital Consulting

Network inventory management

24-hour remote technical support

Server maintenance services

IT security maintenance

Cloud and network migration services, IT storage maintenance

Omni-channel Customer Experience

Data Analytics

5G, Edge Computing, SASE

Digital Solutions & Services

Digital Consulting

  1. a
    FTE Redeployment

    Significant cost reduction in process operations. Engineers can be redeployed to other initiatives.

    Eliminate Expensive Integration Models

    Maggie works smoothly across disparate systems at the user level.

    Eliminate/Reduce losses

    Maggie can help eliminate losses due to system discrepancies or delays.

  2. a
    Improved Quality

    100% accuracy due to high repeatability and zero fatigue.


    Train hundreds of robots at the same time through workflow creation.

    Higher Efficiency

    Maggie can work 24/7, handling thousands of transactions at the same time.

  3. a
    Improved Service Delivery and User Experience

    Improved process quality, speed, governance, security, continuity.

    Optimised Operations

    Improved data gathering and organisation for optimised operations.

    Regulatory Compliance

    100% compliance with stated regulatory requirements.

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Managed IT for the telecom industry is necessary to ensure the reliability of phone, television and internet technology, but you can leave the job to our seasoned professionals

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