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With a proven track record of delivering millions of USD
in realized revenue benefits and cost savings, as validated by CFOs.

Who we are

NuRe Maestra is your agile transformation Partner for complex challenges and continual improvements, offering

  • People, Process & Technology Transformation
  • Expert Solutions
  • Flexi – Expert Resources on Demand

What we do

  • Human Performance Analytics
  • Business Excellence As Managed Services
  • Business Process Management Services including SOPs
  • Process Due-Diligence & Assessments
  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • KPI maturity assessment
  • Lean Six Sigma for Process Optimisation & Transformation
  • Project Excellence

Our Transformation Suite

  1. Human Performance Analytics
  2. L&D as a Service
  3. Capability Assessment

  1. KPI Maturity Assessment
  2. BPM Assessment
  3. OPEx / BE as a Service
  4. BPEx
  5. Process Mining
  6. SOP Revamp

  1. BRD Wireframe
  2. Digital Maturity Assessment
  3. Digital Process Excellence with Intelligent RPA
  4. Advanced Analytics with AI / ML and IOT solutions
  5. Digital Customer Experience Transformation

  1. Credit Union Security Operations as a Service (CUSO)
  2. vCISO
  3. Info Sec as a Service
  4. Cyber Security as a Service

Governance, Risk & Compliance
  1. Risk Management Consulting led EnGRC
  2. IT Risk Assessment
  3. Data Governance

Why us?

  • 50% reduction in cost per transaction
  • 80% STP
  • Error free processing
  • Nil regulatory breaches
  • Scientific -Tools and techniques

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