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Come. run, build & grow a company like it’s your own!

We are looking for fresh minds with the passion to fast-track to the future

Why 3i

The Future is here

 And we are hiring the right resources!

We are an agile, hi-potential team that goes the extra mile to disrupt the status quo in the dawn of a new digital decade. Each of us is an intrapreneur; we own, run, grow, and build our company like it is our own. We have the resources and rights to be visionary workers who dream big and work hard to reach great heights.
If you visualize yourself as a rainmaker, achiever, go-getter, and adaptive learner, your future is here. And now!

Work & Life @ the all-new 3i Infotech

At 3i Infotech, it’s all about having winning mindsets backed by skills and diligence. We don’t dream of just leading; it is all about total disruption and transformation. It is about setting industry standards. We are transformational partners to businesses of all sizes, and we are gearing up from the inside out as a global player to reckon with. Driven by our core values of customer centricity, integrity, and more, we are setting ourselves up to win. And we have a growing client base that says so.


Our Culture

Innovation, Incubation & Intrapreneurship: A Future-Ready Enterprise

We nurture critical thinking, creativity, and an entrepreneurial bent of mind. Our centers of excellence and workspaces encourage ideation, design thinking, and solutions.
Our Culture
A dynamic dimension to Learning & Development
Adaptive learning is in our DNA and continuous learning opportunities are always open in our Corporate Open University. From core skills and soft skills to management skills, we offer learning opportunities that create leaders.
Our Culture
NuWE, the identity of our ‘Women Empowered’ is an all-pervasive movement with an inclusive participatory approach, top-down, from all leaders. Gender supremacy is our mantra and is beyond gender equality. The WE in NuWE stands both for Women Empowered and for the all-inclusive WE, encompassing diversity.
Our Culture
The CEO’s Club and Employee Initiatives break all biases and barriers, creating an open and transparent culture with access to sharing and redressal with equal ease.
Our Culture
Our Hi-Pot Programs allow for fast-tracked growth. Our mentorship programs facilitate learning and growth. Our reskilling, upskilling, and right skilling programs reward life-long learning.
Our Culture
AIM 30 is a common goal to Aspire, Invent and Move ahead. We promote a culture of open communication with multiple communication channels and consistent access to strategic decisions and roadmaps toward a Common Vision to be a Billion Dollar Enterprise by 2030.

Career Growth @ 3i Infotech

We welcome you to an Incredible journey of Intrapreneurship, Intuition, and Innovation.

At 3i Infotech, you are not just employed. You are engaged in the business of charting your destiny, reaching for the stars, and chasing audacious visions. That’s what an Intrapreneur does; dreams big and does what it takes to make every dream a reality.

Here, you set standards. You lead, and the industry looks up to you. Do you have the fire to race ahead and the passion to perform? Come. We’ve been waiting for you.

Career growth

Why 3i Infotech?

See the difference. Be the difference. Make a difference
Every job is an opportunity to earn, learn and grow. But, why 3i Infotech?

Design thinking & Problem-solving approach
Working here, you will see real-time business challenges and address them with your knowledge and skills.
Global exposure, right where you are
Our multi-continent presence and wide range of clientele offer opportunities to widen your scope and focus.
Industry-led Centers of Excellence across geographies
Our multi-vertical, technology solutions provide a horizontal portfolio of opportunities to choose to specialize in
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Learn from Leaders
We are an open organization where collaboration and accessibility are the norms.
Adaptive Learning & Development
Our NuRe University will ensure that you acquire skills and knowledge for your role and your chosen growth path.
Building a Borderless workforce
We also believe in productive remote working for the right reasons
Back to Work
3i Infotech welcomes back experienced resources that have taken career breaks for valid reasons.
Opportunity for Women on a Break
As an equal opportunity and inclusive employer, we welcome women across age groups to add to our Talent Pool.


“Creating Strong Culture & A Values-Driven Workplace
A call out for culture building
The only workplace that wants you to be an Intrapreneur to own and drive a common Vision and Mission
Culture is the core of any organization because if we don’t get a culture right, we will not be able to achieve our goals. So, one of the important things which we are doing as a company for this new 3i is we are chalking out on new culture. And in fact, we are going through a culture change program itself for this new 3i and the core underlying foundation is entrepreneurship. Can we be entrepreneurs without our own corporate life?
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We are now building a company where every employee is an entrepreneur. So that sets the tone for it.
Then, if I expand on some of the values we’ve put together, one is we want to start with trust and integrity. You want to be a brand that is known for trust and integrity. The second is speed and agility. So, we want to be the fastest and we can provide the fastest differentiators for our customers. And two core pillars I would see are, Customer centricity, customers, and employee centricity, both are particularly important for us. Finally, we need to be a learning organization. Only a learning organization can adapt to changes quickly. These are the values and cultures we want to live by at new 3i.”

Thompson P. Gnanam

At 3i Infotech, a strong value-driven culture of inclusivity and diversity thrives across our global locations and geographies. We are an equal opportunity employer and believe in right sourcing talent for best fitment. We practice Zero-Discrimination in any form or manner across all our hiring, employee engagement, and welfare practices, making us an ethical and compliant workplace for all.

Campus Connect

A unique initiative that goes beyond campus recruitment and placement, 3i Infotech Campus Connect reaches out to educational institutions beyond metros and urban borders

  • Our Tirunelveli Campus Connect Incubator will open up opportunities in remote villages where top talent will be scouted for and offered an accelerated growth path.
  • 3i NuRe Corporate University, its partner educational institutions, and its CoEs including the FutureTech CoE housed at the prestigious IIT (M) Research Park will offer mentor programs and fast-track accelerator clusters for high-potential candidates.
  • This program will break biases and blur the urban-rural divide, creating and nurturing the best talent.
Campus Connect

Hiring @ 3i Infotech

iEnrich is our on-boarding platform which is truly the starting point of enriching not just your career, but your life. We believe in right fitment rather than judging someone as unfit for an opportunity. Our biggest source of talent acquisition is through referral (word of mouth) which speaks volumes about the great workplace experienced by our employees. We welcome our ex-employees with a warm welcome and place them in the right positions, leveraging their external experience.

“Leadership with Empathy” is ingrained as a core value in our DNA right from the Top to the Mid- Management which enables the personalized experience for each of the employees within the 3i family. Our new 3i way of life is built on the model of “Future of Work” and ensures a hybrid model of WFH and WFO, balancing the interests of the Customer and Employees. Teamwork with Collaboration is at the core of the work management within 3i, which supports the evolution of leaders from the lower level, beyond the designations and organizational hierarchy.

Come, join us to Experience the Future of Work, Enjoy the hi-performance environment, Enrich your career and Enable 3i to scale new heights!

Our Hiring Process
Global Location

The 3i Infotech Universe

A growing brand presence that’s built to last
3i Infotech is present across the Globe – 4 continents and 11 countries

  • Creating jobs in Malaysia in collaboration with Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC), Malaysia’s lead digital economy agency, for the development of the NextGen NuRe Cloud/Digital Edge platform for the ASEAN region.
  • 3i Infotech will be creating 1,300 jobs in Malaysia in the next 5 years. The company has established its presence in Malaysia since 2002, with its current office in KL Sentral serving as the Southeast Asia regional head office.

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3i Infotech Employee Engagement

An indicative list of what 3ians enjoy and appreciate:

3i Infotech Employee Engagement
A rhythm and repertoire of activities to bring FUN to work
3i Infotech Employee Engagement
Knowledge Sessions, Meet the Experts, Check-ups for comprehensive health and fitness
3i Infotech Employee Engagement
  • Skip Level Meetings,
  • Discussion with Team Leader & Support Staff (BPO)
  • Townhalls
3i Infotech Employee Engagement
  • Weekly Quizzes
  • Did you know?
  • Tech talks
  • Hackathons
  • And a cadence of omnichannel communication
3i Infotech Employee Engagement
  • Testimony and Video messages of milestone achievers
  • Rewards & Recognition

Global standards with Local relevance

Facilities, Welfare, Growth Potential

Centers of Excellence & Innovation + -

Innovation and Intrapreneurship opportunities in the right work environments with A-Star Teams and Mentors

Hub & Spoke Centres + -

Centers of Excellence and Talent Hubs in Tier 2 and 3 Centers across India – North, South, West, and East

Global Centres + -

Our policies for Health, Safety, and Comfort are compliant with local laws and governance practices

Learning @ 3i Infotech + -

Equal opportunities for Learning, Development, Performance Management, Growth, Rewards, and Recognition are designed by the best minds in line with global standards for local relevance

Fun and Fitness for Body, Mind, and Emotions + -

  • Two-way Internal Communications
  • Programs for Health and Fitness
  • Sessions and Quizzes
  • Newsletters and Mailers

Two-way Internal Communications

People Speak

Neetu Rebello

“I have been working with 3i Infotech since 13 years now, the best part of working here is the culture, the working environment and support of our colleagues with guidance of our seniors gives us strength, motivation and commitment to work and give our 100% every single day, Feels like home in here, Also the job satisfaction in 3i Infotech is perfect especially when you’re working in a foreign land. The management takes good initiative for the wellbeing of its employees, even in covid situation the company has stood like a rock and supported the employees. Proud to be a part of 3I Infotech.”

– Neetu Rebello, Manager – FMG, Administration, 3i Infotech Limited

Samer Hamadneh

I have joined 3i infotech in 2013, it was my first career in an Indian Organization, an it’s a wonderful journey, on a personal level I like the Indian culture very much, they are friendly and lovely people. I have learned a lot on the business side. The organization culture is supporting in every way possible, where the employee feels comfortable in all aspects. The leaders of the organization value people as their most important resource. The organization makes investments to make employees more successful. I have authority necessary to accomplish the job well. I have freedom to make work decisions. I feel confident in my job security with this company.”

– Samer Hamadneh, Senior BDM, 3i Infotech Saudi Arabia Ltd.

Fun @ Work

fun at work

Christmas Celebration

Team Lunch


Teaming Together
Fresh Minds & Fresh Air work Wonders

Celebrating the real spirit of Diwali:
The warmth of friendships!

Celebrating the real spirit of Diwali: The warmth of friendships!

The Yuvas Celebrated the Festival of Diwali with Ethnic Wear,Music, Dance, Stand-Up Comedy etc.

The Yuvas Celebrated the Festival of Diwali with Ethnic Wear,Music, Dance, Stand-Up Comedy etc.

Corporate Events & Workshops