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At the dawn of a digital decade in the 21st Century, Data is the new oil. And, despite or even because of its overwhelming abundance, it is more precious than gold or even, the Tulip bulb during the Tulip Mania of the 17th Century.

Data and its all-encompassing presence is here today and crafting our tomorrow even as we speak. It is but natural that understanding data, its patterns, insights, and intelligence is an art and science that cannot be ignored. Discover the world through the lens of analytics experts, data scientists, and visualizers, who sculpt a new form and format to deliver business value by decoding patterns and extracting insights from the ever-burgeoning waves of data, propelled by the age of connectivity, cloud, and mobility.

Welcome to the world of Data Science, Cognitive Capabilities, Insightful Business intelligence, and the Future of Technology.

High level data science lifecycle

High level data science lifecycle
Experts in AI, ML and broad spectrum Cognitive services

Who We Are

Experts in AI, ML and broad spectrum Cognitive services

The newest and highly relevant addition to the portfolio of solutions of a 3-decade old global IT solutions provider recently restructured to take on the future of technology, 3i Future Tech Suite of Cognitive Services and Solutions is a key investment in 3i Infotech’s vision to disrupt the market and set standards as a market leader in its chosen niches of operation. Headquartered in India, with a global presence across 4 continents, 3i Infotech’s Future Tech Suite is poised to take on the dynamics of emerging technologies by leveraging its expertise in AI, ML, and broad-spectrum cognitive services. A values-driven work environment with opportunities to innovate and play the role of an intrapreneur has drawn the best of minds together, creating a team that constantly challenges the status quo.


Core Expertise

Artificial Intelligence + -

  • Conversational AI
  • Natural Language Programming
  • Computer vision
  • Process automation
  • Machine learning & Deep learning

Advanced Analytics + -

  • Predictive Analytics
  • Prescriptive Analytics
  • Descriptive Analytics Fraud and Security Intelligence
  • Text Analytics

Data Science + -

  • Data Consulting
  • Statistical Computing
  • Cognitive Analytics
  • Data Modeling
  • Big Data Solution Engineering

Platform Development + -

  • Experimental Development
  • Theory formulation
  • Incremental Innovation
  • Radical Innovation
  • Applied Research
Analyze data and information to detect patterns and insights with reliable predictions

What We Do

Analyze data and information to detect patterns and insights with reliable predictions

Cognitive technologies and services are changing the way we perceive and leverage Data. By supplementing, complementing, and augmenting human intelligence, cognitive technologies and systems analyze, interpret, and provide actionable insights from reservoirs of what were once unusable ‘data dumps and pipeline flows. And all this, in a fraction of the time it would take an army of experts to decipher.

Cognitive systems are capable of collating, curating, cross-linking, managing, and analyzing data and information to detect patterns and insights that support actionable decisions and even, reliable predictions.

Industry & Domain

Digital transformation: Analytics maturity model

Digital Transformation

Why Choose Us

Committed to accelerate growth of our customers

We are committed to providing our customers with the competitive edge that is non-negotiable in today’s fast-paced world of business. Deriving the best of Human Intelligence and Machine Learning, we constantly endeavor to provide actionable insights, triggers, and compact, cohesive dashboards of insightful data for decision making. As a digital transformation partner, we are committed to accelerating the growth of our customers by delivering measurable business value and ROI.

We reimagine and leverage the future generation of augmented intelligence that establishes the synergy and strength of human–humanoid co-existence. We work with systems that can supplement and complement their human counterparts by learning, analyzing, visualizing, and enabling rapid, efficient decision-making. We enable businesses to move toward data democratization by consolidating data silos to create usable repositories of information and insights for agility, speed, and rapid growth that future-proofs business growth.

Committed to accelerate growth of our customers

Traditional vs Automated Data Science Process

Our Solutions

Retail + -

  • Graph-Based Purchase Pattern Analysis
      • Optimize logistics, procurement timing, and inventory distribution across warehouses/stores to increase customer satisfaction and revenue.
  • Graph-Based Recommendation System
      • Using customer segmentation, we can identify the buying behavior and purchasing capabilities.
      • Hierarchical Navigable Small World Graphs
      • Using algorithms like KNN, SVD, and CNN we can-do real-time product matching

Telecom + -

  • Machine learning Churn Prediction
      • Based on the customer data history, Machine learning algorithms help us to predict the high-risk customers who will have a high chance to leave. Also, with the Customer segmentation algorithm, we can identify the behavior of a community of customers to give better offers and services.
  • Social network analysis:
      • To identify the rotational churn of customers is a Semantic web-based Knowledge Graph. Through a customer’s network of peers, we can track their behavior and understand their comeback to the same network with a new subscription

Finance + -

  • Churn Prediction
      • Based on the customer data history, Machine learning algorithms help us to predict the high-risk customers who will have a high chance to leave. Also, with the Customer segmentation algorithm, we can identify the behavior of a community of customers to give better offers and services.
  • Fraud Detection
      • With the help of the Anomalies detection algorithm by providing the customer transaction data, we can easily get the message about fraudulent transactions.
  • Risk Analytics
      • Using a knowledge graph, we can understand customer behavior and financial behavior with financial backgrounds. Then categorize the loan repaying capabilities to identify the right customer.

Manufacturing + -

  • Realtime Quality Assurance instead of Quality Check
  • Using Computer vision and AI we can perform an automatic quality check which detects defects using visual comparison and other parameters including dimension, weight, and more.
  • Raw Materials are auto verified using the same technique to ensure only excellent quality materials are passed through the manufacturing process.
  • Automated Machinery Maintenance Triggers
  • We use AI and machine learning to understand the usage pattern and predict the effective maintenance window for the machines considering various parameters like utilization, current load, etc.

Media + -

  • Knowledge Graph in Clustering
        • Discover contemporary trends in consumption patterns using Analyze and forecast trends and anomalies to get attraction from more customers
        • Marketing Mix Modeling

AI-based Regression Testing– AI Product + -

  • NLP Based Testcase Generation

Using Natural Language Processing, by consuming the required documents like Business Requirement Document, System Design Document, UML Diagrams our model generates the test case

Our Offerings

  • Exploring more about customer behaviour, trends and preferences by analyzing historical and external data.
  • Entice customers by enhancing the overall customer experience through personalization.

Customer Analytics as value driver.

  • Get a 360 degree view of customers
  • Identify, acquire and retain high valuable customers
  • Create a robust and loyal customer base
  • Increase retention by reducing chur
  • Consolidate data across all marketing channels to get a unified view of their marketing efforts.
  • Complete analysis about the values and impacts by measuring and monitoring individual marketing efforts.

Marketing Analytics as value driver.

  • Identify the marketing channel inefficiencies and its limitations
  • Optimizing the overall marketing efforts and its related spends
  • Enabling a data-driven marketing strategy
  • Coherently differentiate the cost centres and profit centres.
  • Gain greater visibility and control on overall operational efforts and spends across all the functions in the business.

Operations Analytics as value driver.

  • Effective planning by proactively predicting supply and demand.
  • Generate real-time alerts from real-time insights for strategic decision making.
  • Improve reliability by detecting anomalies.
  • Enable risk aware culture to drive relentless improvement in the process
  • Identify, measure and mitigate risk
  • Generate greater value by combining insights with external data.

Risk Analytics as value driver.

  • Transforming businesses to capture new business opportunities.
  • Identify the underlying uncertainties.
  • Improve risk monitoring and early warning.
  • Accumulate collective intelligence across connected heterogeneous data sources.
  • Inspire robotic process automation culture

IOT as value driver.

  • Encourage process automation across all business functions.
  • Enhance safety and surveillance of the physical and digital assets business.
  • Proactively detect critical scenarios.

User Friendly

An intuitive and flexible tool for Risk Management, Control Execution, Testing and issue management which supports and does not impose.


A module-based approach delivering what you need when you need it

Schedule Execution

A macro view of organizational issues, filtered by entity, owner, or severity—with the remediation status. Reminder e-mails directly linked to the tasks with guidance included

Stakeholder Communication

Message Board, Audit /Risk Monitor,Audit /Control Progress,Management Actions Overview, Interactive Audit /Risk Maps

Seamless Collaboration

Enabling all team members to work effectively and efficiently in virtual environments has never been more important. Your teams across the globe collaborate seamlessly empowered by our integrated communications suite

Aglie Workflows

Seamless integration of internal audit, SOX/ICS, Risk, Compliance and issue Management

Actionable Reports

Flexibility & ease of generation and distribution Intelligent overviews providing the required insights in a timely

Smart PBC

Easy collection and tracking of PBC Documents. Easy collection tracking of documents with work paper generation and annotation

Document Management

Effcient knowledge sharing & storing mechanisms bridging information & people

Industry Focus



Banking & Financial Services


Consumer Goods & Distribution