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NuRe Campus is a robust cloud-based Enterprise Automation System created specifically for higher education institutions.
Recognized as the best university management system in India, NuRe Campus has everything that is required for comprehensive and efficient management of all key processes, covering all requirements of courses, faculty, students, and support staff from the application, selection, and admissions to examinations, evaluations, and results.

NuRe Campus Automation system offers a wide range of modules that help in managing the entire administrative and management processes. It provides a data-driven approach for inclusivity, fairness, good governance, and compliance.

Who We are

NuRe Campus is a unique offering from the newly restructured 3i Infotech

NuRe Campus Who We Are

NuRe Campus is a unique offering from the newly restructured 3i Infotech, a Digital Transformation Partner to a wide range of businesses, and a premier global IT solutions provider of 3 decades lineage. Together with its new parent company and its CloudFirst strategy, the NuRe Suite of SaSe safe offerings, its Global Command Center, AAA solutions suite, Digital IMS, KPaaS, BPaas, and FutureTech suite of emerging technology solutions, NuRe Campus is now a future-ready Campus Automation System with end-to-end intelligent automation capabilities in the Cloud.

With tried and tested capabilities for quick and seamless implementation, NuRe Campus is ready to enable and empower Intelligent Automation in Education Institutions both in India and Overseas.

What we do

3i Infotech’s NuRe Campus is known and appreciated for building cloud enterprise solutions for higher education institutes.

  • We provide the best university management systems in India.
  • Deep domain knowledge, wide technology, and industry expertise, agility and speed enable us to focus on cutting-edge technologies.
  • We provide world-class enterprise automation software for Indian and Global Enterprises, Universities, and other Institutions
  • We pride ourselves on being on par with the world’s best enterprise automation software product companies
  • Our forte is quality, consistency, and commitment to high standards of solution and delivery.

Features and Modules

Campus Automation is a cloud-based Enterprise Application and offers a wide range of modules to build the most efficient, unified, and comprehensive University Management System and Intelligent Campus ERP
We offer:

360° Student Management + -

With more than 20+ higher education enterprise-level modules, you don’t need to look anywhere else. Campus Automation offers a complete student life cycle to manage everything.

  • Admission Management
  • Academics Management
  • Placement Management
  • Alumni Management

e-Learning and Assessment + -

Campus Automation comes with a complete suite of online learning and assessment systems for higher education

  • Online Courses and Learning Paths
  • Assessments and Hiring Tests
  • Digital Certificates and Badges
  • Web Conferences
  • Project and Assignments
  • Rich Analytics and Report

Finance and Operations + -

Campus Automation offers a complete range of operations and finance Management software for academic institutions

  • Financial Accounting
  • Fee Management
  • Purchase Management
  • Project Research and Grants
  • Payroll Management

HR and Administration + -

Campus Enterprise Automation is recognized as the best College Management System in India for its modules in HR and Administrative sections.

  • Human Resource Management
  • Hostel Management
  • Transportation Management
  • Healthcare Management
  1. FlexibTM+ Features

    Intuitive dashboard to see the progress of various testing, all in one place

    Digital Automation [Web, Mobile, API, Standalone, Visual]
    • On click download automation test environment to develop and maintain automation script
    • Upload your scripts to repository
    • Central repository, Version control for robust change management of test scripts
    • Execute test scripts to

    Digital Performance [Web, Mobile, API, Standalone]
    • Performance Calculators for different capacity,
    • Create & maintain scripts for Performance in Central repository
    • Continuous Application monitoring of Server and Client
    • Reports with recommendations for quick fix

    Security [Web, Mobile, Standalone]
    • Remove vulnerabilities through Static Code Analysis
    • Software Composition analysis frees your code from using broken and old libraries
    • Vulnerability and Penetration testing of your application complying with OWASP, SAN standards & PCI-DSS, HIPPA compliances

    QAOps / Continuous Testing
    • Build, Start or schedule Continuous Build & Test pipelines
    • Raise defects automatically upon build failures

  2. FlexibTM+ Adaptable & Customizable

    • Tool & technology agonistic – Integrates with leading software testing tools
    • Provides access to various stages of testing like Test design, Test Execution & Reporting
    • Test lab with Multi-device and browser compatibility
    • Reusable scripts, decision enabling reports, and Intuitive dashboard
    • Central repository, Version control for robust change management of test scripts
    • Archived reports for faster comparison
    • Available both on Premise and on cloud
  3. Solution Highlights

    40% quicker delivery through continuous testing | 80% Effort reduction through Automated Test Environment
    • Functional and non-functional testing through a single platform
    • Start Non-Functional tests early; Avoid costly defects
    • Identify build failures before testing; Automatically log defects in CI/CD
    • Test pipelines for Continuous testing; Catch defects early for faster release to production
    • Reduced Mean-Time-To-Recovery (MTTR) through continuous testing and defect

Why Choose Us

Award-Winning Cloud Enterprise Automation System to Organize, Manage and Unify Your Institution

The Best Of Cloud

The Best of Cloud, SaSe Safe DaaS and Security at the EDGE, Analytics, Automation, Applications, IoT, FutureTech, Digital IMS, KPaaS, BPaas

A Visionary Leadership Team

A visionary Leadership Team with A Star teams for advisory, solutions, delivery, and support

Centres Of Excellence

Centres of Excellence and Hub & Spoke Centres of R & D with Campus Outreach for fresh Innovative ideas for consistent and continuous support end-to-end

Industry Focus

NuRe Campus ERP is recognized as the best university management system in India and trusted by higher education institutes in the government and private sectors. We are industry agnostic and have implemented our solution in educational institutions and Government offices that run multiple complex processes.


Client Testimonials

A Large Retail chain in Middle East

Thank you and your team for the Load testing activity. It was not a smooth journey from initiation. We need to cross many hurdles to complete this. Thank you again for patience and expertise shown by your team to complete this.

Dhananjayan S Ecommerce Project Manager

A Large Microfinance firm in North America

Awesome! Thank you everyone! Really appreciate the perseverance of each one of you to go through this long deployment process and getting it ready for today. Thank you again!

Anant Kumar VP, Program Delivery,

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