A Modular, Scalable, Configurable

Enterprise Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC) Solution

EnGRC seamlessly integrates managing risk, driving compliance and advancing your ESG goals into your enterprise operations.

Quick Implementation

Ease of Use

Smart Dashboards & Reports

Why Our Modular Solution Delivers?

Built by domain experts based on our firsthand experience as governance leaders, EnGRCs configurable modules work on their own or as an end-to end solution. Our intuitive interface encourages quick user adoption delivering time and resource savings which results in a high Return –On- Investment for your business

Enterprise Risk Assessment & Management

Our Automated workflows enable both qualitative and quantitative risk assessment providing vital information about the risks and opportunities in your organization.

Informative dashboards and actionable reports facilitate the initiation of actions, controls, or audits to address key risks or a change in the risk environment.

This seamless integration supports both risk mitigation and opportunity maximization in all enterprise operations.

Enterprise Regulatory Compliance & Internal Controls

Keeping your regulatory and ESG compliance on track has never been easier.

Our internal controls module makes the allocation, execution and monitoring of controls efficient and effective.

Email alerts with direct links keep the process on track.

Stakeholders can monitor progress with our detailed dashboards and the board receives timely reports which are quick to generate edit and distribute.

Enterprise Control Testing

Determine the effectiveness of your controls and evaluate their design using our control testing module.

Document your test approach, attach samples tested and proof where required.

View results on a clearly graded dashboard and use the results to fine tune your compliance and risk mitigation process.

Enterprise Internal Audit

Streamline internal audit planning and execution and reduce the time and costs involved with our user-friendly features and collaborative workflows.

Automated workflows and real time progress monitoring of audits and issues increase speed to closure.

Our analytics borads, enable continuous monitoring of auditing of KPIs and KRIs from across the enterprise.

Enterprise Issue & Action Management

Identify issues during audits or compliance activities and track them till their resolution using our centralized repository.

Establish and allocate actions through automated workflows and monitor progress with ease. System-generated reminders keep issue resolution on track.

Quickly generate, edit, and distribute follow-up reports and status updates.

Automate, Co-ordinate, Monitor and Report Enterprise GRC Activities with Ease

Now is the time to leave spreadsheets & manual processes behind. Free your experts to focus on high-value activities that help your enterprise achieve its objectives. EnGRC enables your teams across the globe to collaborate using a single, integrated source of truth.

  • Quick Implementation & Configuration – No need for lengthy projects
  • Easy To Use Intuitive UI – Rapid user adoption = High ROI
  • Smart Dashboards & Reports – Enable timely decision making
  • Automated Workflows – With guidance included
  • Email Reminders – Alerts with direct links to tasks due
  • Flexibility Of Integration – IoT, Ai, Blockchain, other core systems
  • Centralised Document Management – Secure exchange and access

EnGRC Platform Salient Features

User Friendly
An Intuitive user interface, reflecting how risk, compliance and audit expert’s work.

A modular solution delivering flexibility and scalability when and where you need it.

Schedule Execution
Schedule actions/controls easily with reminders directly linked to the tasks-guidance included.

Stakeholder Communication
Interactive Dashboards, Risk Heat Maps, reports and progress monitors keeping management informed.

Seamless Collaboration
Integrated collaboration, enabling the three lines of defense to work together effectively and efficiently.

Actionable Reports
Ease of report generation and distribution providing the required insights in a timely manner

Agile Workflows
Seamless co-ordination and integration of all risk management, compliance and governance activities.

Smart PBC
Easy collection and tracking of PBC Documents. With work paper generation and annotation.

Stay Alert Agile & Aware

EnGRC provides continuous visibility & insights aligning business strategy & ESG goals.

Guidance In Workflows

Improve alignment, accuracy & timeliness
Document Management

Centralized exchange & secure attachment.
Progress Trackers
Monitor all GRC activities
Dashboards and Reports
Provide assurance to stakeholders
Interactive Heat Maps
Insights for timely decision making
Email Reminders & Message Boards
Alert participants when activities are due

Key Aspects of EnGRC

Efficiency gains

EnGRC replaces manual, siloed processes which tend to be inefficient and time consuming. It frees your experts from co-ordination and administration activities. That Surveys show Risk Assessment cost dropped by 44%. A similar cost saving was noted in compliance activities

Enhanced accuracy and comprehensiveness

By delivering compliance tasks and GRC activities with guidance included EnGRC increases the accuracy and comprehensiveness of your GRC program.

Increased internal alignment

EnGRC enables greater transparency across departments and locations, connecting once siloed people and processes. Therefore, EnGRC delivers better insights by assimilating & sharing GRC relevant information faster and consistently, fostering a stronger culture of compliance.

Improved risk management

EnGRC helps identify and mitigate or eliminate various types of risks, including cyber attacks and fraud enabling timely decision making to counteract these activities.


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