Rise above the competition – how business intelligence & enterprise applications set you apart

In today’s marketplace, a competitive edge is like a lifeline. With a number of IT breakthroughs gaining headway, every industry is gradually becoming a level playing field. With the punctilious use of modern technology, it’s practically anyone’s game.

Faster time-to-market, efficient operations & quick decision making is no longer an aspiration. It’s a way of life.

We know what you’re thinking. Without the right inhouse resources, it might seem impossible to stay ahead of the times. But it isn’t. Especially in the era of the business intelligence & powerful enterprise applications. Drive higher rates of employee productivity. Make better business decisions. Generate higher revenue. Make comprehensive use of data. Reduce costs & lot more.

According to Zion Market Research, the global business intelligence market is poised to hit $ 26.50 Billion by 2021, at a CAGR of 8.4%. Although the North America will have the largest customer base for the next few years to come, it is gaining relevance in the Asia-Pacific market day-by-day.

The good news is, jumping aboard now could pose a few major advantages in the future. One, you’ll never fall behind. Two, you’ll be equipped & ready for the next big tech sensation. Combined with the scalability & better performance from an integrated mix of enterprise applications, you’ll be unstoppable. Let’s take a comprehensive look at what you gain with adoption.

Business Intelligence & Business Growth
If you’re accumulating a wealth of data via various streams & letting it sit idly by, that’s a heinous crime. Integrate a BI strategy into your value chain; let critical & valuable data fall into your lap. Doing so will impact your organisation at multiple levels & areas.

From a product standpoint, you can predict your ROI & make better decision based on solid data. You can find where the revenue lies, get segment specific data & also personalise your sales strategy. Additionally, you can also track your performance/market trends, and most importantly understand your customer more.

From a company standpoint, flow of data becomes more seamless, ascribing to regulatory frameworks becomes easier & internal processes can be vastly improved, along with employee productivity.

As of 2017, companies are still running BI functions on apps that also support traditional research methods. They use concepts like statistical functions, hierarchical clustering, and geospatial analysis to better enable BI. Many consult with experts or BI centres to guide their strategy & business initiatives.

Enterprise Applications Everyday
Seamless flow of information across all systems. Consolidated & centralised data for all to access. All redundancies within the flow eliminated. Business processes are automated as software applications are integrated onto legacy platforms. New technological opportunities are identified & easily incorporated. All of the above & more can be done with Enterprise Application Integration. Run your business like a well-oiled machine, make the most your resources & your IT investments, reduce costs, and drive more efficiency by the hour.

If a mix of BI & Enterprise Applications is at the helm of your business, you are already in the future. You see more opportunities than most of your competitors & slowly inching to the top of the ladder. If not, what are you waiting for? Delve in today.

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