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3i SASE Nure Edge – Your Digital Arsenal Against Cybersecurity Threats

Improving Secure Access and Digital Experience for all enterprises – delivered through 5G-enabled technology!

Regardless of the industry type, our 3i Nure Edge helps enterprises improve their digital experience by strengthening their remote workforce with secure access to the internet and applications with just one click!

Our SASE platform replaces legacy, hardware-based network and security infrastructure and delivers secure connectivity as a service on any network.

Read on to learn how users can access the internet and any application securely – anytime, anywhere and from any device using 3i Nure Edge.

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Real Estate + -

Building Management Systems (BMS), typically deployed within the building, are the key to facilities management. The BMS is often deployed with legacy security and networking infrastructure providing a wide variety of environments that employees need to access remotely to do their job. Legacy on-site VPN solutions are too expensive and footprint heavy for the customer. Further, they require the employee to toggle between different VPN clients and/or VPN sites to access different customer locations.
3i SASE helps to achieve this efficiently

Media + -

Media Tech Company provides video streaming software and hardware to cable tv service providers globally. The problems we solved for them:

Secure Private Access for remote users working from home (standard problem)

Home Lab setups where their engineers are working on company hardware/devices (set top boxes, dongles) at home. These devices need to connect to their data center but cannot run VPN software. Their old solution was to buy an expensive VPN box for each employee. We solved it with software on the PC and sharing the PC connection via the ethernet port.

Multi-cast streaming: Remote set top boxes need to able to receive multi-cast video streams over the secure private network. Traditional VPNs cannot support this. We can.

China based users: Most VPN have performance issues for users based in China because their termination point is all the way in the US. We can exit China and terminate in South Korea or Singapore and deliver a seamless streaming experience.