The future is a strategic differentiator.

Transform it with technology that is accessible, affordable and adaptive.

Foster innovation and value-driven performance.

Disrupt to build a definite competitive advantage.

Do more, and be more with NuRe Future Tech.

From technology to value with
Nure Future Tech

  • Rebuild operations procedures and relationship with customers.
  • Define the strategy and roadmap with business architecture, capability identification and mapping, business model and the right team to operate. 
  • Strategize and manage data, business intelligence, analytics and AI. 
  • Facilitate intelligent automation with process mapping, digital workflows and automated operations. 
  • Deploy systems that predict sense, learn and adapt. 
  • Initiate agile development and delivery, project management and governance to deliver value, transform and be future- prepared. 



Access to knowledge, tools, and data for constructing AI systems is crucial for intelligent decision-making. It empowers organizations to drive innovation, solve challenges, and maintain resilience through data-driven insights.

Nure Future Tech’s path to democratization 

  • Bridge the gap between technology and business. 
  • Embark on a distinctive journey with us to democratize AI.  


Data + -

We unlock the wealth of data and insights trapped in organizational silos, structured and unstructured sources to create a flexible suite of foundational services. This is further organized dynamically and automated to deliver in changing ecosystems. By digitizing data, we enable cognitive interpretation and data-driven decision-making. 

Affordable access + -

We offer cost-effective cloud storage solutions, providing data access as a service, and reduce expenses related to data processing and analysis.

Skills and Capabilities + -

Our experience combined with a portfolio of proven use cases and pre-trained algorithms, allows us to effectively tackle your challenges and deliver solutions that work. 

Deep Domain Expertise + -

Our team possesses deep domain expertise with a strong foundation of data science and AI knowledge. This enables us to identify the most suitable AI solutions for your specific problem. 

Architectural Platform + -

We make architectural decisions that prioritize easy deployment, usability, and cross-functional compatibility of our solutions.

Algorithms + -

Our algorithms are built using data trained on multiple and diverse datasets, resulting in powerful and resilient models.

Model Development + -

This includes the creation of user-friendly tools that simplify the training, testing, and implementation process for AI models. 

Go to Market Models + -

We foster a thriving ecosystem that empowers enterprises and individuals to select the optimal AI solutions that meet their specific needs.

About the Company

We are NuRe Future Tech Private Limited, a wholly- owned Subsidiary of 3i Infotech Limited. As their Accelerator and Transformation Partner, we deliver a definite technological advantage to generate strategic, capability, and financial returns by facilitating investments in the digital transformation of enterprise customers. Our expertise spans AI, Advanced Analytics, ML, and a wide range of cognitive offerings, positioning us as a disruptive force in the technology landscape.