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How important is it to modernise your it infrastructure?

We live in the era of the digital economy. When most global economic activities & business networks are enabled by Information technology. Both, to better perform day-to-day tasks, & seamlessly transition into an IT universe that is fast expanding.

To achieve that, there needs to be a solid IT infrastructure in place. It will be the nerve-center of your enterprise & affect all facets of production & efficiency. Furthermore, it will be a major driving force behind the operational efficiency of your company. Adequate IT infrastructure will facilitate the coherent flow of information across the business model/supply chain. It reduces risks & costs while improving the quality of the services you provide.

Evidently, great operational efficiency equals great revenue. But to meet growing demands in the market, you need IT infrastructure assets that help you perform faster & better. And modern IT structure services or cloud-based IaaS can give you that. You can manage your data centers, cloud capabilities, better enable security, maintain your networks & build faster applications. Additionally, it helps with the compliance of government policies & regulations.

Better yet, this comes with validation. According to Gartner, the market for worldwide IaaS public cloud services grew by 31 percent in 2016. Furthermore, it was predicted to grow at 36.8 percent in 2017 to reach a whopping $34.6 billion.

Bain & company predicts that IaaS will account up to 17% of an estimated $390 Billion cloud services market by 2020. Adding to it, Forbes forecasts that the expenditure of IT-as-a-Service for data centers, software and services will grow up to $547B by 2018.
Now, these are positive signs you can’t ignore.

SMEs in fact, are gladly embracing the change. It has endowed them with a simple, cost-effective strategy with which they can deploy infrastructure & manage their data.

So, here’s what modernising your IT infrastructure would mean for you:

Flexibility & Scalability

With IaaS, you can rapidly scale in response to your requirements, thanks to powerful servers, storage units & networking capabilities. Furthermore, modern IT infrastructure services help enhance speed & agility.


According to TechTarget Research, several SMEs are looking to invest in “bring-your-own-device programs, mobile content management, and corporate-issued mobile device programs”. Your employees can stay connected on-the-go and access corporate data remotely.

Faster Time-To-Market

This is one of the major advantages of modern IT infrastructure. With on-demand scalability & high agility, you can beat your competition to the market & react to changes more rapidly. New applications can be developed quicker & better, tested & improved, & out on the market before you know it.

Cost Savings

With IaaS, sudden market demand will not require you buy more capacity in your servers. The pay-as-you-go model will ensure maximum ROI. With increased operational efficiency, the maintenance of your servers, networking equipment & hardware will not cost you as much.

Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity

IaaS comes with a consolidated disaster recovery & business continuity facility. Needless to say, recovery is quick, with minimal loss of data. Upon disaster, employees can continue to access the infrastructure & basic functionalities via an internet connection.

While the advantages are aplenty, there are a few challenges up ahead.

  • Several are vulnerable to lose critical functionalities of legacy technologies while their existing infrastructure evolves.
  • If moving to the cloud, cybersecurity will be a cause for concern. So, it is essential to have experts on board.
  • Building a team of expert to spearhead IT modernisation can be tricky. Without deep insights, CIOs cannot project a roadmap for business transformation.

If you want to modernise your IT infrastructure, you need the right partner. One who addresses all of the challenges above. So, get on board with 3i Infotech today & we’ll take care of all your infrastructure needs. To know more, visit:

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