Information security challenges and solutions

For any organization, big or small, information security is the topmost priority.  There exists a precarious situation where data protection from hackers and cybercriminal is the biggest challenge and concern.

And to mitigate that, all the big IT firms, software infrastructure vendors, network operators, application developers and countless research organizations have joined hands together and working really hard to fight this vulnerability of information, its theft and breach.

Security products, like firewalls and virus scanners are all outdated now. They are redundant and no longer give satisfactory protection against unknown threats and the thousands of mutations and variations of Spyware and viruses. And so to alleviate from this situation, what the technologies and new applications require is nothing but an entirely new archetype with a more robust infrastructure.

Let us now deliberate over some of the biggest information security challenges that the organizations are facing today and what could be the plausible solutions.


Confidentiality and Privacy is the biggest challenge faced. To ensure that only the intended addressees can access and read the information, lacks a well-rounded protection system. Hackers are pocketing login information and using those details to access sensitive information and application.

Second is Integrity of the data or information is another big challenge. Original information or material can easily be altered, tampered and changed.

Third is authentication. There is a lot of obscurity with the source, to know if the information shared or sent by the stated sender is authentic or reliable is a big challenge.

And lastly, it is the availability. That is, assuring that crucial information can be accessed or retrieved at all times and from all the places is quite challenging.


However, these challenges do have resolutions. What the companies need to do is to try and find out a single cybersecurity solution that effectually meets all the requirements and needs. Like the one that integrates cryptographic segmentation and role-based access control together to meet all the necessities.

3i Infotech is a titleholder when it comes to Information Security. The company knows that currently the networks are extremely dependent and interconnected and all that they need is an effective, operative security to avoid any sort of unnecessary invasions.

And so keeping up with today’s network needs and requirements, 3i Infotech provides an end-to-end security solutions to the organizations. The company believes that network security of the systems and networks should always be in pace and sync with the business activities. The security services of 3i Infotech are extremely advanced, with processes and technologies that provides secure access to business applications.

Moreover, the unique system integration team of 3i, provides a layered security approach that addresses the infrastructure as a whole. All these in combination, ensures no breach of information during any transaction or functioning of the business applications.

So there you go with information security, what it means, its challenges and solutions.

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