Test automation trends you need to know

Automated software testing has often been considered critical for software development organizations. Test Automation software is the best way to increase the effectiveness, efficiency, and coverage of a software testing. Test automation is the use of special software to regulate the execution of tests and the comparison of actual outcomes with predicted outcomes. Test automation can systematize repetitive yet necessary tasks in a formalized testing process. It is essential for continuous delivery & testing. A Gartner report says the latest trend in test automation is centered on open source and continuous testing. This year, we expect to see certain tools converge, more artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities embedded in the tools used in automation, & more innovation. We have listed the top trends in test automation. Let’s have a look.

Open Source Test Automation

Open source solutions have made strong repercussions on test automation – primarily for developers who are focused on web and mobile front ends. They have provided a certain degree of standardization.

The Internet of Things Solutions

The usage of IoT solutions is at its prime in IT organizations. Applications that connect hardware to the Internet or with each other has an impact on the IoT project QA team. Any IoT product needs to be tested for its functionality, reliability, and effectiveness.

Continuous Testing

Continuous Testing is this year’s overarching trend in the software industry. Companies today are working on building software tools to support digital transformation. Industries that require higher digital disruption will need continuous testing and a higher need for automation.

Artificial Intelligence

AI is the new buzzword in almost every other industry today. How does it help software testing? In 2018, AI is better equipped to take on testing with efficiency. This trend consists of bot-based testing techniques which can discover new paths. Today, developers are considering AI to simplify decision making, drive automation and expand efficacy in the area of testing.

The software development industry today is is witnessing new changes. Similarly, software testing companies are also adapting to the changes in the industry. The rapid technological improvements in the software testing industry help the testers upgrade their skills periodically to stay relevant with time. Looking for automated testing solutions?

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