According to Theo Haimann, “Staffing pertains to recruitment, selection, development and compensation of subordinates.”

Staffing is a complex process. While a few organizations understand the significance of a smooth staffing course, many neglect it, eventually leading to inefficiency in operations. Staffing doesn’t limit to mere hiring candidates & executing induction, it travels beyond. From making sure of the right number of front-line employees to determining the appropriate number of support staff, the specialists undertake a plethora of tasks under the staffing umbrella. The efficiency & productivity of any scale of business lie heavily on selecting the right candidates for the desired job role.

The managerial function of staffing involves deploying the right employees to the right organizational position through proper and effective selection, appraisal and development of the personnels to fill up the assigned roles.

One of the major advantages of smart staffing is the amount of time saved in looking for a candidate. Let’s look at more such advantages to propel your organization further.

Identify Needs

It’s the first step to staffing process. Identifying the needs of the company represents an important part of developing a staffing plan. This can be achieved by drafting & developing job descriptions to lay out the positions needed within the company. Continual communication ensures spotting the shortcomings among the staff. The feedback given by the existent candidates also adds to hiring smarter candidates.

Waste Reduction

When any business, whether small or large, is poorly staffed with many inefficient employees, there is a leakage of resources. On the other hand, if a business is under staffed with fewer employees, runs the risk of overworking current employees. This can lead to poor job performance and high attrition rates, resulting in wasted resources related to training and finding new employees.

Growth of Enterprise:

Appointing efficient staff ensures your organization a continuous survival & growth pattern. Business scales up with the efforts of its employees and hiring smart will only propel your company’s progress further. Efficient hiring also ensures sustainability.

Customer Focus

For small business enterprises, attracting and retaining customers is an integral part of company’s growth story. With appropriate staffing levels, small businesses can make sure customer needs are met or exceeded. Inadequate staffing levels can leave employees missing customer needs, eventually leading to negative customer impressions. This can dent a company at any stage.

Helps in Competing

Two organizations can easily acquire same type of physical & financial resources, but the differentiating factor lies in efficient staffing process. While there is a cut-throat competition in the market, hiring smart candidates provides the edge over the competition.

Inadequate staffing can have multiple impacts on the organization. For instance, poor staffing decisions can affect the ability of your employees to keep up with industry trends or new business policies. This typically leads to employees being overwhelmed & overworked. Majority of the employees will leave the work spread too thin, resulting in organizational fallout. 3i Infotech provides you with intelligent resourcing solutions, which aid you in continual organizational success. For more info visit

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