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Ride out the turbulence: uncover unusual behavior with an agile cyber system

Cybersecurity today is primarily focused on being able to build relatively static modelof what is known as “locked doors” cyber defenses. These defenses, in the form of firewalls, rigid processes, and application monitors, are being created with the hope that with certain adjustments and remediation, they will protect the entire IT system of a company. Although these are extremely useful and essential for cyber protection, they will only provide protection till a certain level only, keeping the cyber system at risk altogether. According to Gartner, by 2020, 60% of the digital businesses will have to suffer major service failures, all because of the inability of the IT security teams to help manage and diminish digital risk.


The Agile Cybersecurity System aligns the cybersecurity strategy of an organization along with the technical and organizational capability, to meet the modern-day requirements. It lays emphasis on how to create an iterative 90% solution strategy for the continuously changing cyber threats and risks. It uses an extremely sophisticated mixture of targeted concepts from different fields like risk management, adaptive strategic planning, process improvement, and many others. It focuses on changing the cybersecurity strategy and culture of an organization and helps it to adapt to the emerging threats and risks on a rapid and regular basis.


An organization will be able to protect its cyber data with an agile cyber security because of the following measures that the system helps the leadership team take:

  • It creates a threat/risk profile that is continuously evolving, just like the ever-evolving threats.
  • It helps to reassess the cybersecurity infrastructure of the organization for its effectiveness and its ability to adapt.
  • It helps to identify the systemic deltas or problems before they can occur.
  • It helps the leadership team to make a plan of action as a remedial process for any such systemic deltas or problems with the help of changes in the cyber policy.

Apart from the agile cybersecurity system, here are some necessary steps to take to ensure no loopholes are available where the data can be affected:

  • Educating the employees about avoiding and preventing any suspicious activities on their systems. It is important for the employees to know how they can be vigilant about any suspicious activities on their systems, how to detect suspicious applications that are running or any pop ups and warning messages that can be harmful to the security of the data.
  • It is important for the organization to collect the security logs and to analyze the logs for any abnormal activities.
  • Keeping the systems and the applications up to date with the latest security patches helps to keep most of the hackers and the cyber criminals from getting access to the systems via any known vulnerabilities. Although it is not as full proof as the agile cybersecurity system, it will make any security breach much more difficult.
  • It is important to create strong and unique passwords and keep any privileged account extremely protected, as they can be hacked easily.

The Agile Cybersecurity System ensures a strategic agility in the sphere of cybersecurity staffing, policies, processes as well as technology that is needs to be able to respond to a constantly evolving cyber threat environment. 3i Infotech offers a service in agile cybersecurity system to ensure excellent protection of all data and keep it away from any kind of threat.

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