Cyber security – what we should be prepare for?

We live in interesting times. We now live in a world that is rapidly getting interconnected, opening up avenues for greater collaboration and opportunities and at the same time exposing itself to potential cyber threats and attacks. So what does it take to stay safe online and secure our network and data from unauthorized access and misuse? How can we prepare for possible cyber-attacks and build resilience against any such attempt?

The answer is not easy to find. However, a new study by The Internet Society (ISOC) offers some insight. It reveals some loopholes that need to be fixed to meet future security challenges. Some of these are:

  • The priority of organizations is to collect data, not to secure it. Lack of end-to-end encrypted data exacerbates the problem of data breach.
  • 90% of violations could have been prevented.
  • Collaboration and communication among different stakeholders is a must to fight cyber threats.
  • Security must be reinforced from top to bottom, and if there’s a breach, those handling it should be held accountable.

Knowing the security lapses is half the battle won. But having a balanced plan is a must to secure sensitive data and the network against cyber threats. Here’s how an organization can go about it.

Have a cybersecurity strategy to prevent breach

Businesses should always have a cybersecurity strategy delineating the possible risks, security measures to be adopted, and a breach response plan. They should also dedicate adequate budget to strengthen their IT security.

Set up a secure network to protect data

Businesses that use public Wi-Fi are the most vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Protect your data by setting up a secure network for your organization. Also, tighten your network’s password security.

Train employees to secure information

According to a study, 29% of data breaches were committed by employees due to lack of internal control. So be prepared for it. Your employees should be aware of the cybersecurity plan of your organization and follow the dos and don’ts. Similarly, get your vendors on board and insist on them upholding IT security protocols within their organization.

Monitor to check evolving threats

Hackers always find new ways to steal and misuse data. Therefore, continuously review and update your cybersecurity system to stay ahead of them. This will include continually checking for any vulnerabilities in the network, regular training of IT staff & vetting the security measures taken by the vendors from time to time.

 Know your cloud and apps

Businesses are increasingly using performance management and collaboration apps and migrating to the cloud. Keep a tab on what data is stored in the cloud, how sensitive it is, and how can you detect any misuse or theft. Also, ensure the data shared through apps is secured.

Protect IoT devices

There’s an increasing threat of attack on IoT devices. If you have adopted IoT devices too, include a plan to secure them in your cybersecurity strategy.

The cyber domain is constantly evolving, and there’s always the possibility of sophisticated threats cropping up now and then. The key to protecting your information and network from such threats is to be always prepared.

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