Why SASE Trumps Traditional Network Security

In a world where our work and private information live online, it’s important to have good network security. Traditional network security has been helpful, but it’s not enough for today’s needs. That’s where SASE, or Secure Access Service Edge, comes in. It’s a new kind of security that’s better suited for our digital life.

The Old Way: Traditional Network Security

Traditional network security uses many devices and tools that work separately. This can be complicated and expensive. It can also slow things down because all the data has to go through a central point before reaching the cloud.

The New Way: SASE

SASE changes this by combining all the security and network needs into one service that’s based in the cloud. This means that no matter where you or your team are, or what devices you’re using, you can securely access what you need without delay.

Saving Money and Making Things Easier

With SASE, you can reduce the number of devices you need. This cuts down on costs and makes managing your network simpler. It also means your data can go straight to the cloud without unnecessary stops, saving time and money.

Better for Business

SASE allows your team to work from anywhere without worrying about safety. It supports using many cloud services and adjusts to different cloud setups without extra costs. And because SASE is all about the cloud, it’s easy to add it to what you’re already using.

One Central Control

Instead of having to manage many different security parts, SASE lets you see and control everything from one place. This makes your network simpler and safer.

Security Wherever You Are

SASE ensures that wherever your team works, they have a stable and secure connection to your work systems. This is great for businesses with people working from different places.

Mobile and Remote Safety

SASE brings security to wherever your team is. It checks for threats early and keeps connections strong and direct, which is better for mobile and remote work.

Trust Carefully with Zero Trust

SASE uses a ‘check first, trust after’ approach, which is different from traditional security. It makes sure every user and device is okay before allowing them into the network. This keeps your important information safer.

Keeping Rules Consistent

With SASE, your security rules stay the same no matter where your team is or what device they use. This makes it easier to keep everything safe and in order.

Helping IT Teams Do More

SASE helps IT teams work better because they have a clearer view and more control over the network. This saves time and helps prevent problems before they start.

Fighting Off Threats

SASE is ready to stop dangers to your network by hiding your apps and checking everything that connects to your network.

Faster and Smoother

SASE makes your network work faster and more smoothly. It gets rid of delays, so your team can work better online.

Introducing NuRe Edge

NuRe Edge is our answer to bringing you the power of SASE. It’s designed to work easily and effectively, no matter where in the world you are—Malaysia, Africa, or beyond. Nure Edge combines all the benefits of SASE to make your network secure and keep your business moving forward. Learn more about how NuRe Edge can change the way you think about network security.

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