NextGen Oracle Application Support and Maintenance (ASM) Offering as eBusiness Suite (EBS)

NextGen Oracle Application Support and Maintenance (ASM) Offering for Oracle Fusion Cloud and E-Business Suite

Oracle as a system of record provides great value to customers in maintaining data and offering insights on making decisions through dashboards and reports and Oracle R12 is the updated version.

Did you know, that 3i Infotech is an Oracle Partner Network (OPN) member offering services covering the Fusion SaaS/EBS On-Prem products offering implementation, support services covering quarterly updates (as in Fusion Cloud) and EBS upgrades?

NextGen Oracle Application

Your search to identify a value provider who offers the best value for money and provides compelling EBS solutions to mitigate the cost overrun ends here with NextGen Oracle Application Support and Maintenance (ASM) Offering. Achieve continuous productivity improvements resulting in cost savings of up to 40% on day 1 and improve y-o-y productivity by 10-15%.

The ASM offering focuses on Oracle Fusion Cloud Support and Oracle E-Business Suite(EBS) support powered by accelerators, frameworks supported by risk-free transition offering a steady state in as low as 30 days.

Some of the benefits of NextGen Oracle Application Support and Maintenance (ASM) Offering:

  1. Focused on transparency and flexibility:
    Our customers rate us highly when it comes to evaluating us for the value emphasis on being:

    1. Open and transparent
    2. Offer solutions that address and mitigate the pain points
    3. Flexible in all the dealings including contract negotiation and during support execution.
  2. Cost Reduction: Guaranteed reduction of support costs by 30-40% on day one and a variety of customizable commercial models
  3. Zero Cost Transition: Trusting to work with 3i comes with added benefit of zero cost transition. 3i is a credible partner ensuring there is no business disruption and delivers a rapid steady state in minimal time with zero cost transition
  4. Structured Framework: 3i ASM addresses the root cause of why multiple tickets are getting logged. The 3i EBS (ASM) uses a structured framework to reduce the associated adjacencies including issues related to functional, technical, knowledge or operational tasks. Such rigor in terms of reducing tickets increases system adoption and y-o-y productivity improvements of more than 10%
  5. Self-service Framework: A Self-Service framework to address pressing needs of user’s service request would ensure, there is always a better user experience when it comes to getting answers for all the pressing urgent requests from business users without being dependent entirely on the support team members availability.

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