NuRe 3i+ powered by Oracle: The first Zero Trust Sovereign Cloud (ZTSC) in Malaysia

NuRe 3i+ powered by Oracle: The first Zero Trust Sovereign Cloud (ZTSC) in Malaysia

Modern enterprise operational infrastructure should optimize for cost, performance, and cloud. Some of the most common challenges faced by companies today are:

1. In most of the APAC regions there are no Cloud Hyperscalers, leaving enterprises with the need to host data outside their country. Data Sovereignty is not within reach.
2. Country regulatory compliance do not permit government enterprises to move outside the country for specific verticals and mission critical applications
3. When enterprise applications are hosted outside the country, far from source users, there could be latency issues involved
4. And finally, Build Your Own (BYO) Cloud infrastructure, which brings its own challenges:

  • Too many choices, non-customizable
  • Multiple vendor management
  • No unified management
  • No end-to-end support
  • Not cloud-ready
  • Not highly secure

To address all these challenges, we have introduced Malaysia’s First Zero Trust Sovereign Cloud (ZTSC), powered by Oracle. The smart solution for digital sovereignty, an Enterprise-class IaaS, managed by 3i Infotech.

Who will benefit from NuRe 3i+ ZTSC?
Organizations that are:

  • Consolidating a mix of Linux, Solaris, Windows, and container apps
  • Seeking to satisfy data sovereignty and latency requirements with private cloud solutions
  • Looking to modernize applications using Docker and Kubernetes – OL CNE
  • Looking for an IaaS solution managed end-to-end by a single vendor
  • Managing environments to support Oracle workloads such as EBS, JDE, PeopleSoft, and Oracle Database
  • Looking to scale using OpEx instead of CapEx model

Why NuRe 3i+ ZTSC?

NuRe 3i+ ZTSC ensures data & operational sovereignty and unlocks the potential of a data-driven sovereign economy, promoting innovation through ever-evolving digital technologies and providing compliance and data residency to enterprises that wish to retain their data within Malaysia.

No other Private Cloud vendor provides end-to-end single vendor accountability and support for the entire solution.

With NuRe 3i+ Zero Trust Sovereign Cloud, you can achieve numerous benefits – faster time to value, more control over regulatory issues, data privacy and governance, tighter integration with your network security, and low latency for on-premises applications and data.

NuRe 3i+ Zero Trust Sovereign Cloud features include:

  • Hardware owned and managed by 3i Infotech
  • Power-on to production in hours as opposed to months
  • Support for Oracle Linux Cloud Native Environment (OL CNE) to automate deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications
  • Zero Trust Security – Isolated management and Virtual Machine access network
  • Pay-as-you-go model – Scale one compute node at a time without making any changes to the computing environment

What are the key differentiators of NuRe 3i+ ZTSC?

  • Prebuilt for faster deployment
    Integrated infrastructure, virtualization, and management accelerates deployment times so customers’ databases are up and running within hours instead of days or weeks.
  • Integration simplifies management
    Built-in, full-stack management and patching speeds application deployment while reducing workload and OpEx for customers’ IT departments.
  • Portability between public and private clouds
    OCI-compatible APIs and management tools enable customers to create and deploy applications in consistent infrastructure-as-code environments on a private cloud and in OCI.
  • Trusted partitions reduce software costs
    Trusted partitions using fixed VM shapes enable companies to license software on small portions of the Private Cloud Appliance. Reducing the number of software licenses needed lowers the cost for companies to run Oracle Database and applications compared to other solutions.
  • Integrated software reduces costs
    The Oracle Linux and Oracle Solaris operating systems and the Oracle Cloud Native Environment, as well as KVM (Kernel based Virtual Machine) virtualization software, are included along with the support contract to reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO).

If you are interested to get a demo of NuRe 3i+ ZTSC, reach out to us at

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