From Distant Dream to Down to Earth Reality, Option to Necessity— It is Cloud First in 2022 and Beyond

Reaching for the Clouds

From Distant Dream to Down to Earth Reality, Option to Necessity— It is Cloud First in 2022 and Beyond

Cloud First prevalence is here already and no longer a thing of the future. It is here to Run, Build & Grow businesses – Large, medium, small, or tiny. It is Cloud First in a world that has woken up to the Internet of Everything. There is no area of human activity that has not been touched or impacted, or is being re-engineered even as we speak, to function NOW and thrive in the FUTURE.

To exist, survive, thrive, and grow, enterprises of any size need to adapt to the new reality – which is certainly driven by Cloud First. It impacts acceleration and growth, ROI and Efficacy, topline, bottom line, and more. Much as these drivers appear overwhelming, they are also loaded with growth opportunities. Yes, there are restraints and constraints. Which opportunity does not come veiled with risks and threats? It is the preparedness and passion that can propel enterprises along this exciting journey.

The expected spike in Cloud adoption in 2022 and beyond
By 2025, IDC says worldwide data will grow 61% to 175 zettabytes, with as much of the data residing in the cloud as in data centers.

This growth and acceptance of this transition is also largely owing to the changing work environments. Borders have blurred as organizations focus on cost efficiencies, productivity, business continuity, security, and scalability. Even as businesses seek to define their future, it appears that Cloud has decided the future and its key role in the way businesses will be run from now on.

There is no ‘multiple choice’ option with change and digital transformation; the good news, however, is that the transformation journey and the right partner for the process are available across the board. Choosing well is imperative.

Businesses have started migrating to the Cloud – and they have a few tried and tested routes to traverse.

With elevated levels of security, data privacy is prime, and risks are mitigated. All data is saved and managed on public cloud using highly secure networks which cannot be accessed by external parties. Business continuity is assured with this

The hybrid cloud, as the name suggests, brings the best of both options together. Enterprises can choose, based on business priorities, compliance, risk mitigation, and elasticity, what and where to store on-premises and in public cloud environments.

A multi-cloud option, combining private, public and hybrid Cloud usage serves to align digital transformation to business priorities. This flexible universe enables enterprises to pick and use environments, reaping the best benefits from each to optimize costs and efficiency to accelerate growth and profitability.

Gartner predicts that by 2022, more than 75% of global organizations will be running containerized applications in production. This Leapfrog organizations into a relevant, Cloud-centric future, catering to highly specific user-driven requirements.

This brief glimpse at the tip of the iceberg brings us to The Internet of Everything on Platform Cloud First.

But more on that in our next post.

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