IT services – to accelerate the digital transformation journey for enterprises

Digital transformation focuses mainly on creating new and better possibilities for any company. The different businesses in all sectors use digital technology to drive innovation, identify better working procedures, adopt inventive and progressive business models, and offer engaging customer experiences. This evolution in digital technology creates a significant impact on IT services of the enterprises. According to the 21st Global CEO Survey of PWC, 81% of the respondents have agreed that technological progress will fundamentally change their organization.

PWC states that achieving digital transformation requires more than just technology. It needs agility so that the changes are delivered quickly. Another major requirement is adoption so that the entire company and all the people grow together.

According to Gartner, digital transformation comes with a number of accelerators:

1) Bringing about digital dexterity: Digital dexterity is about a new organizational design and the talent mix for a high-performing digital working environment. Organizations need to embrace internal change in order to change externally. Tina Nunno, Vice President and Gartner Fellow, states, “To scale, we need people with digital dexterity. People who are collaborative, agile, analytical, innovative and creative. People who have both the ability and the desire to exploit existing and emerging technologies for better business outcomes.” A work environment that is digitally dexterous needs to have technology, engagement and diversity.

2) Using Network Effect Technologies: Network effect technologies change the CIO’s work and transforms it from making only tactical decisions to building strategic platforms. These technologies create patterns of growth that in turn create waves of disruption upon each other. According to Gartner, the three network effect technologies to focus on are ‘Internet of Things’, ‘Application Programming Interfaces’, and ‘Artificial Intelligence’.

3) Industrializing digital platform: Industrializing the digital platform helps to unleash the digital dexterity of the workforce. It helps to unlock the potential of the network effect technologies. Industrializing the platform helps to create newer digital market places. Gartner’s Tina Nunno states, “The beauty of the industrialized digital platform is that it enables you to create value in all directions at scale: up, across and out. Value creation used to be one directional: from the organization to customers. Now value creation can scale in all directions, from anyone, anywhere.”

3i Infotech’s digital transformation services not only transform the digital framework of a company, but also accelerates the digital transformation. It helps the companies to avail maximum benefits from the transformation.

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