Enterprise Regulatory Compliance & Internal Controls

Keeping your regulatory and ESG compliance on track has never been easier.

Our internal controls module makes the allocation, execution and monitoring of controls efficient and effective.

Monitor progress with our detailed dashboards and receive timely reports which are quick to generate edit and distribute.

Seamlessly collaborate with your team to achieve both regulatory and strategic compliance across multiple departments & locations.

EnRICO is a powerful compliance management solution built to work the way you do. Automate, track, manage and report your compliance processes  (eg. ESG, GDPR, ISO, Vendor/Third Party and many more) efficiently and effectively with a single easy to use integrated framework. EnRICOs smart dashboards, and compliance reports give C-level executives better visibility of both regulatory and strategic compliance.

Automate Compliance Management Activities

  • Setup or import frameworks and controls quickly and easily with configured templates.
  • Recreate your organization’s structure and map controls to multiple locations & departments.
  • Automate compliance tasks, including compliance guidance aligned with related compliance frameworks.
  • Track progress of KPIs related to the user actions on various compliance obligations.
  • Manage task timelines through reminders and emails even if not logged into the system.

Improve Operational Transparency

  • Get status updates, linked compliance evidence and audit trails all in one place.
  • Generate smart reports and dashboards with insights into the organization’s compliance performance.
  • Collaborate in a unified workspace for better communication between stakeholders on compliance obligations.
  • Investigate and report of compliance issues and link link them to the relevant business area.
  • Proactively plan and stay prepared for future compliance requirements across your enterprise.

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