Enterprise Risk Assessment & Management

Qualitative and quantitative risk assessment provide vital information about the risks and opportunities in your organisation.

Informative dashboards and actionable reports facillitate the initiation of actions, controls or audits to address key risks or a change in the risk environment.

This seamless integration supports both risk mitigation and opportunitiy maximisation in all enterprise operations.

Gain insight into your organization’s risk profile and make informed risk management decisions with EnRAM.

Smart dashboards and risk heatmaps provide insights to identify key risks based on both qualitative & quantitative criteria. Accurately identify, assess, mitigate and monitor business risks with EnRAMs agile risk management workflows.

Co-ordinate Risk Assessment & Management

  • Get an in-depth view of the risks impacting your organization and monitor key risks mitigation.
  • Assign risk owners and track their progress to ensure riks assessment and management is on track.
  • Use our interactive interface to score risks by impact, occurrence, speed and other risk criteria.
  • Determine risk tolerance levels and link risks to controls aimed at eliminating or reducing risk severity.

Deliver Insights / Mitigate Risk / Identify Opportunities

  • Enable stakeholders to gain a complete view of all potential risks from EnRAMs smart dashboards
  • identify changes in the risk environment and effectively prioritize, plan and create risk response strategies.
  • Generate smart reports with insights to the organization’s risk assessment and management performance
  • Proactively plan and stay prepared for future potential risks and opportunities to confidently grow your business.

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