Protect your industrial systems with the Secure Things Access Service connected to 3i AI/ML based Cybersecurity Mesh.

Protect Any Connected IoT Device Against Vulnerabilities

Embedded devices often go unpatched, leaving CISOs looking for new strategies to mitigate IIoT/OT risks. From expensive production outages, safety failures with injuries or loss of life, and environmental damage leading to liability – several situations have moved IIoT and OT to the center of cyber threat management.

Without robust security, any connected IoT device is vulnerable to getting breached, compromised, and controlled by a bad actor to ultimately steal user data and bring down systems. Prevent mishaps and protect your data and devices with our Secure Things Access Service!

How It Works

Seamless Security For Any Cloud, Any Device, Any Network

The 3i Edge solution is unique in its approach to networking and security as well as its deployment and mesh characteristics. The highlights include:

5G and non-5G mixed networking + -

3i Edge works with existing networking technologies such as Wi-Fi, ethernet, and 4G to connect devices being used today. It also natively supports 5G networking, including advanced features such as network slicing, resulting in mixed network environments that can support multiple use cases on the same MEC infrastructure. Competing solutions typically only focus on cellular access ignoring the strength of Wi-Fi and ethernet in the enterprise.

Integrated Security + -

Security is essential to every edge deployment and 3i tightly integrates security into our solution by delivering it in line with our networking functionality. An integrated solution improves security by leveraging networking context when detecting anomalies and improves performance by executing both functions in parallel instead of serially.

Global Mesh + -

Edge deployments often require connectivity to resources in the cloud. 3i’s solution includes a global cybersecurity mesh that enables edge nodes to securely connect to remote resources without additional infrastructure.

A Closer Look

With attackers now pivoting across both IT and OT environments, our Secure Things Access (STA) security solution leverages the purpose-built 3i’s AI-Based Cybersecurity Mesh to help industrial, asset-intensive environments monitor and secure cloud-connected IoT/OT devices with zero compromises.

The internationally accepted Trust model and battle-tested hardware Root-of-Trust (RoT) deliver silicon-to-cloud protection for all connected devices, data and applications. Similarly, 3i AI/ML Based Cybersecurity Mesh protects connected devices with end-to-end encryption and layered trust paths against network-based attacks.

The 3i Advantage

Enhanced Performance through an integrated 5G acceleration & QoS and single-pass networking + security architecture. 5G is all about speed and digital experience. Most legacy providers deliver security and networking using separate offerings that are bolted together.

Robust Security that leverages the 5G trust model and hardware root of trust. 5G has evolved over generations of mobile technology. Mobile tech runs billions of devices globally and is battle-tested by industry, carriers, and governments to make it secure. The trust model (how encryption keys are exchanged) is open to auditing and has undergone more scrutiny than any proprietary, closed model from legacy security providers. With 5G, encryption keys are protected in the hardware root of trust, making them much more challenging to steal than how competitors store them in software. Simply put, 5G security is better and 3i extends this trust model to non-5G devices.

Lower TCO through the elimination of extra security spend and our cloud-native architecture that makes deployment very efficient and scalability a breeze. 3i deployments are very cost-competitive.