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Get fast, seamless and secure access to private applications using cloud-delivered 3i’s AI-ML based CyberSecurity Mesh.

A Cybersecurity Mesh That Does It All!

3i Secure Private Access (SPA) is a cloud service that provides fast, seamless and Zero Trust Access to private applications running on the public cloud or within data centres without relying on legacy VPN. With SPA, applications are never exposed to the internet, making them inaccessible to unauthorised users and protecting data and resources with application-level access control based on user identity and device security posture.

SPA allows organisations to phase out legacy VPN hardware and move towards a more secure, cloud-first, remote access architecture. End the high capital investment, refresh cycles and ongoing management costs of VPN appliances. SPA drastically reduces the complexity of network and security architectures, accelerating cloud adoption. With SPA, User Access is based on policies created by the workspace admin within the 3i Admin Console, resulting in a simple, secure, and effective way to access internal applications.

How It Works

​​Intelligent Platform Ecosystem for Secure Digital Transformation

Adjacent to the internal applications running in a public cloud, data centre, or an on-premise server, 3i Secure Private Access places a small piece of software called Cyber Gateway (CGW), deployed as a container or a VM, which is used to extend a highly secure Zero Trust Path out to 3i AI/ML based Cybersecurity Mesh.
The CGW establishes an outbound connection and does not receive any inbound connection requests, thereby preventing DDoS attacks.3i Secure Private Access utilises a lightweight Client installed on a Microsoft Windows, Apple macOS, iOS, Android or a Linux device. The 3i Client steers Private Access application traffic to the Cybersecurity Mesh using either DNS or the IP address.

A Closer Look

Our service ensures both the user devices and the CGW use battle-tested hardware root-of-trust, eliminating man-in-the-middle attacks. A Mesh Node approves access and stitches together the user-to-application session. SPA is 100% software-defined, so it requires no appliances and allows users to benefit from the cloud and mobility while maintaining the security of their applications.

SPA gives Workspace Admins control over applications and the users authorized to access them. Workspace Admins create and manage user groups, applications, and application groups within the 3i Admin Console.

Why Choose Us

The 3i Advantage

3i AI/ML-based Cybersecurity Mesh runs our SPA service and is built on 5G technology. This gives our cloud security services advantages over legacy providers that made their tech years ago. Specifically, we deliver:

Enhanced Performance through an integrated 5G acceleration & QoS and single-pass networking + security architecture. 5G is all about speed and digital experience. Most legacy providers deliver security and networking using separate offerings that are bolted together.

Robust Security that leverages the 5G trust model and hardware root of trust. 5G has evolved over generations of mobile technology. Mobile tech runs billions of devices globally and is battle-tested by industry, carriers, and governments to make it secure. The trust model (how encryption keys are exchanged) is open to auditing and has undergone more scrutiny than any proprietary, closed model from legacy security providers. With 5G, encryption keys are protected in the hardware root of trust, making them much more challenging to steal than how competitors store them in software. Simply put, 5G security is better and 3i extends this trust model to non-5G devices.

Lower TCO through the elimination of extra security spend and our cloud-native architecture that makes deployment very efficient and scalability a breeze. 3i deployments are very cost-competitive.