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Amplify Your Cloud and Digital Experience

Get Secure Access and Digital Experience for SaaS and Internet with 3i’s AI-based CyberSecurity Mesh.

​​Take Your Place in the Future With Cloud Technology

Enterprise today are progressing towards Cloud Integration with a high demand for secure interactions. Additionally, with the requirement quickly transitioning towards working from any location using any device, users need safe and reliable access to SaaS platforms such as Office 365 and GSuite, web apps, and rich-media websites—wherever business takes them. That’s where we come in. 3i Secure Internet Access (SIA) allows operating SaaS apps, web apps, and rich-media websites at full speed with secure, seamless, unrestricted access to the internet . With 3i SIA, you safely use SaaS apps, open web links and email attachments without the fear of infection.3I’s AI-based Cybersecurity Mesh lets you embrace the cloud without compromising security or performance with identity-based access rules, 2FA, traffic encryption (VPN), monitoring, IDS, IPS and more.

How It Works

​​Seamless Security For Any Cloud, Any Device, Any Network

Secure Internet Access sits between your users and the internet, inspecting every nibble of traffic inline across multiple security techniques. You get complete protection from internet threats on a cloud platform that supports Zero-Trust Network Access, NextGen Cloud Firewall, Content/URL Filtering, DNS security, Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB), Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) mitigation, Man-in-the-middle (MiTM ) attacks protection, and Data Loss Prevention (DLP), VPN.

Secure Internet Access utilises a lightweight 3i Client installed on a Microsoft Windows, Apple macOS, iOS, Android or a Linux device. The 3i Client steers application traffic to the 3i Cybersecurity Mesh using either DNS or the IP address.

A Closer Look

3i provides a globally available, cloud-based security platform for securing remote workers’ access to websites and cloud applications. 3i SASE has the unique ability to perform AI-powered Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) on SaaS/cloud applications and website traffic to understand remote workers’ activities, inspect data movement, and detect and stop threats.

SIA gives Workspace Admins control over applications and the users authorized to access them. Workspace Admins create and manage user groups, applications, and application groups within 3i Admin Console.

Why Choose Us

The 3i Advantage

3i’s AI-Based Cybersecurity Mesh runs our SPA service and is built on 5G technology. This gives our cloud security services advantages over legacy providers that made their tech years ago. Specifically, we deliver:

Enhanced Performance + -

through an integrated 5G acceleration & QoS and a single-pass networking + security architecture. Most legacy providers deliver security and networking using separate offerings that are bolted together.

Robust Security + -

that leverages the 5G trust model and hardware root of trust. The trust model is open to auditing and has undergone more scrutiny than any proprietary, closed model from legacy security providers. With 5G, encryption keys are protected in the hardware root of trust, making them much more challenging to steal than how competitors store them in software. Simply put, 5G security is better.