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Migration Services

Create secured migration (lift and rebuild) of your current Infrastructure, technology and applications with pre-built strategies,
Templates and tools to address complex enterprise scenarios.
When you migrate to the cloud, you have a lot to think about.
Our experts have been through it all, so you don’t have to learn from trial and error..
The process of migrating an application or workload to cloud is to evaluate which features are useful in the cloud environment and then take advantage of the cloud-based features. Migrating to the cloud is an exciting experience in any company because it means they can take advantage of the extra flexibility that comes with cloud technology.

How It Works

​​Seamless Security For Any Cloud, Any Device, Any Network

Our CREAT services features a structure which evaluates organizations cloud readiness with a few parameters- Business, technology, people, press, process along with the critical components, compliance and security. Our cloud advisory team will analyze and validate the business requirements of the customer and come up with an approach as to how the applications can be migrated to the respective cloud platform.

CREAT process uses both tool based as well as interview approach to interpret and create an all-inclusive IT environment map at the client location. Agentless discovery and multi-dimensional visualization across data center, multivendor cloud environments in real time to profile your complete environment across network, components, services, API, databases, applications & clusters

Workflow of Migration

Why Choose Us

Key benefits:

Increased speed & accuracy compared to traditional on premise management

Re-factoring and re-platforming your current architecture for better performance and fine tuning

Risk of security is taken care by identifying potential risks and alternate plans to avoid mitigation