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System to optimize operational costs

Payroll Processing and allied services

Payroll processing and data is an important input for planning and analysing employee count, budgeting and allocation of workforce. Process inefficiencies and a lack of unified real-time employee payroll data have proved to be a costly mistake for many companies with disjointed payroll operating models. According to Gartner, by 2024, 60% of all payroll processing, audits and managed services will be automated and will be processed with no manual interventions. Our advanced payroll processing system will help you address and mitigate risks around statutory compliance and regulation and optimize operational costs in the long run.

Our payroll processing system can deliver results up to,

  • 99% payroll accuracy improvement
  • 30% cost reduction
  • 6% improvement in year-on-year productivity


Payroll Capabilites
  • Employee Data Management and Payroll Module Implementation
    Cloud-based system to maintain employee data management accuracy and timely payroll module implementation.
  • Payroll Accounting, Reconciliations, and Tax Deductions
    Manages cost centre, GL mapping, month end provisioning and tax deductions and remittances including PF, ESI, TDS, and tax filing.
  • Payroll ERP Review and Data Migration
    Automates the payroll updating process and ensures employee data storage and real time updation in the integrated HR and Payroll modules.
  • Employee Separation Process and HR Audits
    Facilitates F&F computations, exit reviews and SOPs driven audits for data management, recruitment, L&D, performance management, and compliances.
  • Time & Attendance and Leave Management
    Enables facial recognition, biometrics, RFID, web & mobile applications.
  • Employee Helpdesk
    Enables employees with automated Ticketing System, Chatbot enabled self help desk.