ORION Rises to the Challenge of Cloud ERP

Integrating cloud-based solutions into existing systems may sometimes appear daunting to organisations. And this may come in the way of expanding horizons and leveraging the power of cloud that takes solutions to the next level. ORION11j ERP Suite helps businesses take giant strides with next generation solutions that quite literally transform processes as fast and smooth as the thoughts that designed the processes.

Innovators and early adopters of technology adoption lifecycle

ORION ERP Suite as a solution offers businesses the option of smoothly adopting technology either as innovators or early adopters, to leverage maximum benefits.  Statistics clearly point to businesses reaping dividends, through better outcomes, increase in revenue and dominance in market. Through the six different functional modules– sales, inventory, contracting, finance, manufacturing and purchase – steering a company towards a competitive edge will be a lot easier with pre-configured and ready to deploy solutions.

Managing multitude systems can sometimes become chaotic 

Piling systems and processes upon existing systems may end up creating additional issues, rather than adding value and streamlining processes. The answer lies in integrating existing systems into a superior overarching, flexible and open-ended solution that absorbs all enterprise wide requirements, into a seamless and superior solution. ORION ERP Suite brings all aspects into a single meta framework, that takes care of requirements – from the biggest to the trivial.

Dispense with the need for a learning window

The simplified cloud-enabled ERP solution rolled out by 3i Infotech dispenses with the need for additional training of resources. A thorough product training is necessary for the success of the implementation of the solution. Further, mobility through mobile dashboards, apps in addition to web interfaces, makes the solution easy to access, offering greater control through User Reporting and Social Interfaces.

With 80 Fortune 500 companies relying on the developers of ORION ERP for solutions, the development capability needs no further introduction. The solution is highly versatile and scalable, meeting needs of organisations of differing sizes, in diverse segments. The core modules with strong emphasis on 360-degree view, personalisation, mobility, API and Enterprise Tools have been designed to meet all requirements of businesses with multi-location presence.

ERP demo - Orion 3i