Collaboration with Oracle
for an Optimized, Simplified & Secured Digital Transformation journey

NuRe 3i+ is an enterprise-grade cloud converged infrastructure that allows customers to efficiently consolidate business-critical middleware and application workloads on the Oracle OCI (public cloud) or at the edge (Oracle cloud@customer). NuRe 3i+ and Oracle collaborate to provide powerful, single-vendor, application, and database platforms for today’s data-driven enterprises. NuRe 3i+ helps verticals like banking, financial & insurance services (BFSI), public and government sectors, healthcare, media, and entertainment to seamlessly migrate to NuRe 3i+ platforms

Why Us?

Your Digital Partner in or for the Cloud journey

3i Infotech with its NuRe 3i+ cloud platform Powered by Oracle Cloud is committed to customers across the globe help in their Digital journey

We do this by adopting next-gen technology, empowered with our experience and unique deployment models that increase productivity, maximize efficiency, increase security, zero time to market and continuously improve the end-user experience and powered by Oracle technologies

With NuRe 3i+ enterprises can run any high-performance workloads on Oracle Cloud or Oracle@Customer with bare-metal performance. We understand migrating to Oracle Cloud makes business sense for a host of reasons with our transformation approach and the pool of talent that has the cloud intelligence that can help you manage your business better.

What We Do

Accelerate your journey to Oracle Cloud with Data Sovereignty-based Solutions

Oracle and 3i Infotech provide Oracle cloud @customer. If your country has no Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) region. NuRe 3i+ brings Oracle’s complete portfolio of public cloud infrastructure, to your choice of city. It enables you to run applications faster and lower your costs using the same high-performance capabilities, autonomous operations, and low-cost subscription pricing found in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. And you get all this while maintaining complete control of your data so you can address data sovereignty, security, and connectivity concerns.

Oracle and 3i Infotech provide Oracle Cloud for all customers

If your country has no Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) region, NuRe 3i+ brings Oracle’s complete portfolio of public cloud infrastructure to your choice of city. It enables you to run applications faster and lower your costs using the same high-performance capabilities, autonomous operations, and low-cost subscription pricing found in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. And you get all this while maintaining complete control of your data so you can address data sovereignty, security, and connectivity concerns.

What Does Nure 3i+ Help In?

Data Sovereignty, Security, and Governance

  • NuRe 3i+ enables organizations to meet demanding regulatory, data sovereignty, and application latency requirements while using modern Oracle Cloud Infrastructure services and customer SaaS /PaaS based applications in their choice of city/country.
  • Customers increase control and governance of their data and operations with simplified and standardized operational policies that can be applied to all workloads.
    • Create secured migration (lift and rebuild) of your current state Infrastructure, technology and applications with pre-built strategies.
    • Templates and tools to address complex enterprise scenarios .
    • In real time, migrations to cloud can be a tedious process without the right expertise.
    • Our certified experts have led several successful and will automate this process of cloud migrations in a seamless and secure way, and help you reduce cost.
    • Nure 3i provides a comprehensive and integrated Cloud Lifecycle Managed Services to address mission-critical applications. An agile, innovative solution to drive digital transformation, and a solid IT foundation in the cloud can be achieved.
    • Our Cloud Centre of Excellence (CCoE) provides certified cloud experts to help maximize your cloud investments, through 24/7 ongoing management of cloud environments that cover infrastructure, applications and data.
  1. Innovation and Optimization

    • Autonomous Management of Infrastructure, Application and
    • Workloads in cloud to optimize resource consumptions – auto scaling,
    • Identify bottlenecks, smoothen peaks and valleys on loads
    • Our continuous Cloud Optimization services help with the assessment of your current cloud deployment and identify the gaps, if any.
  2. Ensures fast on-boarding of applications by automating the end-to-end delivery pipeline and also, facilitates continuous integration and development across leading cloud platforms. It helps you build CI/CD pipeline to facilitate development of better quality software more quickly and reliably

    • Automate provisioning (infrastructure as code), providing computing power on-demand without manual intervention
    • Automate builds – Continuous integration, with the help of stackable virtual development tools
    • Automate deployments – Defined deployment pipeline and continuous deployments with appropriate configurations
    • Automate Monitoring – Proper monitors in place to send alerts and stem failures that happen with human intervention
    • Automate Metrics – Performance metrics and logs to ensure enhanced view of software and application performance

Why Choose Us

Endpoint Data Backup Services

In 3i cloud adoption journey your end point backup process is strengthened by the Endpoint Data Backup Services strengthen and make your cloud storage environments fail-safe.

Our encryption-enabled, scale able and cost-effective cloud data security solutions help enterprises and organization take control of their data and ensure that files and data move safely between organization assets and the cloud.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Ensuring your compliance objectives are met by centralizing policy based management and enterprise auditing
  • Easy, self-service restores, enhancing visibility and employee data access making it risk-free
  • Integrates seamlessly and securely with an enterprise’s Lightweight Directory Access Protocol(LDAP) or Active Directory namespaces
  • Scale easily to multiple geographies as the business grows, enabling effective use of data across regions
  • Optimize flow-control based on network bandwidth availability with network throttling to reduce server instability
  • Optimize storage usage with compression and data duplication, resulting in longer retention periods
  • Partial file transfer capability ensures that only changed data gets moved, which stems duplication

Workflow of Backup as a service

Enterprise Backup as a Service

The best way to protect data against hardware failures, data breaches or ransom ware attacks is to have a secure back up. It is predominant for organizations to ensure safety end user data to maintain business continuity.

Nure 3i’s Enterprise Backup as a Service enables you to strengthen the backup process and make your cloud storage environments safe.

Key features

  • To give an additional layer of security to your data encryption is available, you can easily migrate and scale up depending on your demands to meet the ever changing business requirements.
  • Data security assess your files and information are always safe and ensuring maximum value for data by simplifying management and compliance making it cost-effective.
  • Role- based access control (RBAC) is enabled, making the data leak-proof.

Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

DRaaS from Nure 3i  is affordable and efficient image-based, which ensures the availability of applications at all times. It is data and platform agnostic.

Key features

  • Fast, flexible fail-over of specific Virtual Machines or an entire site, with settings specific to different modes. streamlined fail-back with zero data loss and minimal disruption to users, while minimizing network traffic
  • Recovery assurance, including support for replica and fail-over testing and alternating production between sites. Seamless integration with user interfaces, workflows and data collection, making the process hassle-free

Security As A Service (SECAAS)

3i SECaaS offers security administrators the ability to evaluate their cloud configuration security posture, detect potential threats originating from misconfiguration of cloud resources, analyze traffic across cloud resources, and evaluate cloud configuration against best practices. It gives them the ability to manage risk across multi-cloud infrastructures, ensures regulatory compliance reporting, and incorporates remediation into the cloud infrastructure life cycle automation framework.

NuRe Desk

NuRe desk is a next generation virtual desktop solution that has a virtualization engine to provide users with highly secure and seamless experience. It also manages various desktop environments for data centers, remote offices, mobile and cloud users.

NuRe Desk VDI technology replaces the traditional VPN for secure remote access with zero trust network access. Nure Desk provides managed desktop solution that empowers business users to deploy and manage applications & desktops from a centralized console. The Nure Desk OS acts as a shared host for virtualized Windows Desktops, Applications, Networks and Storage on the organization’s endpoint devices – PCs, thin clients or smart phones, simplifying management of endpoints

Key benefits :

  • Easy web based management of multiple devices
  • Seamless secure Virtual desktops in minutes
  • Pool Multiple Virtual desktop and manage them easily
  • Deployed on geo-native OCI platform for maximum availability and reliability

Save Over 50% in Operating Costs

With NuRe 3i, get consolidated secure access services in one single platform.
Do away with complexity and higher costs!

Here’s how we can benefit your organisation:

Better Performance

Comprehensive approach on performance and scalability, IT Focus can be more on core business instead of IT maintenance and Continuous improvement of service at all levels

Increased Agility

Flexibility to support real-time business needs with agility keeping in mind the end user experience, Customized end states for cloud-first, agile-first, capability-first and secure-first

Cost optimization

With the pay as you go approach it automates cloud operations to bring down costs through our cloud management portal and reduces cost by using the latest cloud services

Better Security

With the distributed data at various platforms, it’s challenging to secure business data, therefore we automate this process for the cloud native services and security is accelerated at every level of the cloud journey.

Our NuRe 3i+ SaaS / PaaS platforms

listed on Oracle Cloud Marketplace

Nure Edge - SIA | SPA | Digital Experience

Flexib, Digital First Test Automation - QAOPS | Digital Apps | Continuous Testing

Maggie Service Desk Automation - Virtual IT Engineer

Universo - Goverment Scheme Management Platform

Client Speaks

Our partnership with 3i Infotech will enable us to build a robust IT Infrastructure platform to roll out enterprise applications across all the locations on a centralized architecture. This will further help us to standardize processes across the group and bring in more operational transparency resulting in efficient delivery of services in a cost-effective manner.

Nandkishor Dhomne Chief Information Officer (CIO)

The overall success of the project was a result of 3i Infotech strong technical knowledge about Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing and experience with Insurance industry. We will have no hesitation in recommending 3i Infotech to any company who has a need to implement Operational & Analytical Reporting tool upgrade solution in their environment and we wish 3i Infotech success in its future endeavors

Mr. Mohammed S. Alromaih Database Department Manager (GOSI)

Congratulations on a successful release! This was our biggest release since conversion and it went flawlessly because of your preparation, dedication and commitment to excellence. Thanks for working long (really long) hours and doing it with a smile on your face. Thanks again

Sankha Ghosh Sr Vice President

3i Infotech has been a valued partner in the development of our loyalty applications for sports and entertainment venues. Our collaborative efforts have allowed us to enter new markets quickly and efficiently.

Bret Armatas President & CEO

Help me pass my gratitude to a very hard working team Sunil, Chandra, Sudheer, Bal Reddy, Jyothi, Sagar. We were given a large/quick task for testing over 15 defects in less than 3 days while juggling other bigger projects. Even though, this start to becoming part of the ‘norm’ here, it’s still just awesome to see the 3i Infotech QA team not complain and just professionally move FW and complete the task. Please help me pass my thank off to a great team

Dall Zachary VP, IT, Synchrony Bank