Asset Management3i Infotech has proven expertise in Investment Management with 100 + customers. Our solution caters to several industries such as Asset management, Insurance Fund management, Pension Fund Management, Trustee management etc with presence in 10 countries and market leadership position in India and Malaysia.

MFund® Plus Suite, 3i Infotech’s Investment Management solution is a comprehensive, multi- currency enabled web based application designed to provide a powerful automation tool to various financial institutions undertaking Fund Management activities.



  • Robust Dealing Modules with direct connectivity with brokers
  • An inbuilt GL module with ensures that all the accounting related to Investments is done within the system itself so that only balances can be moved to core GL system at the End of Day
  • NAV computed daily using different methodologies
  • TWRR methodology used for performance analysis
  • Several Fund performance indicators such as Sharpe, Treynor, Sortino, Information ratio etc along with SD, Variance, Duration, Mod Duration etc are provided along with Attribution Analysis
  • Goal Seek & What If portfolio simulation with order generation along with Deal Impact Analyser
  • Regulatory, MIS reports & compliance setup along with Report Writer
  • Configurable Dashboards & Robust Analytics
  • Configurable dealing Workflow
  • Flexible Compliance engine
  • Interfacing available with most of the common Insurance systems, Fund Accountants, GL Systems, Rate providers & Corporate Action providers
  • Seamless workflow between Front, Middle and Back office
  • Regulatory Compliance with minimum manual intervention
  • Robust Reporting and Analytics
  • Embedded Industry Best Practices