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process automation for recruitment

3i Enrich

According to various reports by Gartner and Forbes, companies that have traditional HR systems lose 30% of their time in manual hiring, yet do not always end up with the right candidate. 90% of the resumes on job portals are either fake or wrong fit and all these dependencies and complexities lead to hiring delays.

The world’s first automated recruiting solution, 3i Enrich, is our advanced AI & ML based Source to Hire cloud platform that addresses these problems and provides end-to-end process automation for recruitment. It comes equipped with advanced tools, SMEs, and features to streamline your hiring process making it sophisticated.

3i Enrich has delivered success resulting up to,

  • 98% reduction in fake resumes
  • 60% more efficiency due to reduced manual processes
  • 2x increase in profitability
  • Quality resume delivery in less than 30 mins
  • 100% removal of duplicate resumes


Recruitment Domain:
Manages the entire recruitment process that includes database consolidation, job portal integration, career portal creation, job posting and referrals.
Intelligent Applicant Tracking System:
A fully automated process to help you with job posting, resume management, communication management and interview scheduling capabilities.
Employee Assessments:
Capable of assessing written tests, evaluation of multiple skills, psychometric and behavioural assessments through Big 5, Myers Briggs and 96 factor personality tests.

Key features


Resume screening & scoring
Ensures selection of candidates with the right skill matching through bot-based AI system


Resume management
Aids in resume uploading in multiple ways including single, double, excel upload and email attachment reader


Job posting
Enables job posting to multiple portals along with auto processing of CVs from job boards in just a single click


Identifies duplication and tracks supplier performance


Interview management
Enables automated interview scheduling via online applications, without any manual intervention


Recruitment hub
allows head recruiters or administrators to sign up, create new accounts and add their team members


Recruitment dashboard
Facilitates easy management of all open positions using a highly interactive dashboard


Openings management
Assists in organizing and creating new openings along with other processes such as resume matching, assigning stages, job descriptions and candidates shortlisting


Other features
Includes profile management, interview management, assigning tests, options to send emails and many more