Reach out to prospects at the right time, engage them across channels, and close more deals with the CRM Solution from ORION

At the core of every business lies strong customer relationships. An effective customer relationship management (CRM) solution engages customers at every touch point throughout their buying journey and boosts brand loyalty. Above all, it enables open collaboration between your workforce, suppliers, partners and customers to drive business success.

The CRM Solution from ORION provides efficient opportunity management to enable you to identify products with the highest growth potential, and facilitates customer management by identifying customers with the highest value. It empowers organisations to create customer-centric business strategies and ensure open collaboration among all stakeholders.

The CRM Solution from ORION brings ease and order to the creation, development, and maintenance of your organisation’s crucial relationships – your customers. It facilitates pipeline management by identifying opportunities in your sales pipeline, and ensures easy campaign management by providing marketing insights. The CRM Solution from ORION tracks buying patterns, sales trends, inventory, etc. to ensure nothing slips through the cracks. From strategy consulting to process optimisation and IT landscaping, we offer a comprehensive range of services with the ERP CRM solution that flexes to align with your business models and practices.

You can now create marketing campaigns and sales strategies to stay ahead of your game with seamless integration with the CRM Solution from ORION. The solution can be deployed as a stand-alone system or can be integrated with the ORION Enterprise Suite.

Key functionalities of the CRM Solution from ORION include:

  • Customer self-service
  • Flexible workflow
  • Sales portal
  • Servicing
  • Marketing
  • Case management
  • Billing and invoicing
  • Flexible modeling of business processes
  • Template quotations
  • Contract renewals

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CRM Solution from ORION

Our features, your advantages

CRM solution from ORION delivers a comprehensive suite of tools, designed to support the most demanding sales processes. We help you seamlessly integrate social media platforms, cloud-based CRM innovations and mobile applications.
Heirarchy Management

  • CRM solution from ORION modules provide visibility across sales structure and hierarchy for strategy reviews and performance tracking

  • Reduced lead-to-closure cycle time, best-of-breed customer delivery and improved ROI

  • With a minimum of five users, you can choose any number of users. The number of users will be the number of active log ins for your CRM

  • Being easy to use and with a consistent user interface, CRM solution from ORION is highly adoptable with a low learning curve

  • CRM solution from ORION can be accessed anywhere in the world. This enables any user in your business to collaborate with anyone, wherever they are physically located

  • Transform your legacy systems and disparate processes to enable customer data transparency and unified interactions across multiple business units and diverse functional systems

  • We deliver personalised offers, and develop solutions specific to your needs so that you can experience speedy ‘time-to-market’ success

  • Being easy to use and with a consistent user interface, CRM solution from ORION is highly adoptable with a low learning curve

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