Cloud Migration Made Easy with NuRe Cloud Adoption-in-a-Box

According to IDC 80% of companies have adopted multi-cloud or hybrid cloud strategies. 80% of mission-critical apps are still on-premise. The average enterprise has 400 data sources. 200+ services are available on AWS, 200+ on Azure, and 80+ on OCI

If your organization isn’t already planning your migration to the cloud, you may be lagging the rest of your industry. In fact, in a recent blog post we wrote about how the digital journey can’t just be a vision statement; it has to be a core element of your business.

There are so many benefits to completing the cloud adoption journey (increased agility, scalability, and cost savings, to name a few) that virtually every company is already considering it. The problem is that it’s not a simple process, at least for most companies.

Very few firms can just lift and shift their mission-critical software to a public cloud. It’s really about re-engineering the company to operate in a new way. It’s not just about moving data to the cloud, it’s about doing business in a new way.

Many of the changes will happen in the IT department, but the impacts will ripple across the enterprise. We know that the global evolution in digital technology creates a significant impact on IT services. According to the 21st Global CEO Survey of PWC, 81% of the respondents have agreed that technological progress will fundamentally change their organization.

But it can still be simple, with the right support.

Simplifying Cloud Migration by Automating Migration
Effective cloud migration solutions involve a number of moving parts, including planning and assessment, data migration, and ongoing support and optimization. A company could hire a number of firms to provide these services, but a better approach involves engaging with a digital orchestrator who can pull these services together in service to the company.

The good news is that new tools and technologies are available that can now automate much of this process. In the right hands, they can be invaluable in simplifying a company’s migration to the cloud. 3i Infotech’s NuRe Cloud Adoption-in-a-Box enables organizations to save cloud migration time and costs, speed up application migration and delivery for new product launches and accelerate digital transformation.

We help organizations begin their cloud journey from a unique starting point to help optimize and manage their existing investments and ensure the best use of on-premises, private and public cloud environments to achieve business objectives from the beginning.

It’s a cloud-first approach based on our customers’ build, run, and grow plan for an innovative journey to digital transformation. We have Evolved to Empower and Enhance the Cloud Experience


With NuRe Cloud Adoption in a Box:

1. Migration runs as factory assessment planning and transformation.
2. Supports Rehost, Refactor, Re-platform and Rearchitect.
3. There is seamless integration with Discovery and Assessment to accelerate migration.
4. A single pane of view of any cloud, multi account and hybrid cloud migration

NuRe Cloud adoption-in-a-Box is the only platform to support Migration as Code in cloud transformation.

Find out more, by reaching out to 3i Infotech today and asking about NuRe Cloud Adoption-in-a-Box.

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