Cloud Lifecycle Management and Operations


The need for digital transformation is driving every business / vertical to adopt the Public, Private or Hybrid cloud model, to survive and grow in business. But the cloud itself is rapidly evolving and becoming more complex to assess, adopt and manage. Do you have the right talent, focus and experience to harness the cloud’s full value whenever you need it? Your requirements could be migrating legacy applications to the public cloud, or deploying new cloud native applications. Adopting the cloud journey should be an enabler for your business, while improving your experience and ROI.


3i Infotech helps you design, build, and operate end to end cloud solutions in addition to managing critical business applications running the business environment in the cloud. Our portfolio of Cloud Lifecycle Management Services unlocks the benefits, and drives adoption of the latest technology enablers such as Infrastructure, Applications and Data with the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI), analytics and automation.We will manage your journey to a cloud that’s flexible, scalable and always updated. And we will help your business to stay agile once you’re there.


Cloud Readiness Assessment for Transformation (CREAT) Services

Our Cloud Readiness Assessment for Transformation (CReAT) Services feature a framework that evaluates an organization’s cloud-readiness by using five primary parameters, namely Business, Technology, People, Process and Security/Compliances.

The CReAT process uses both tool based and interview approach to understand and create a comprehensive map of the IT environment (infrastructure and apps) at the client location.

The key outcomes of CReAT

  • A meticulous assessment report that covers current state, readiness review and to-be operating model
  • A precise understanding of the to-be-architecture, by identifying plan for each application being analyzed
  • An advantageous analysis of your cloud-readiness, supported by comprehensive costing and ROI details

Get answers to the 5Ws of cloud readiness assessment

EndPoint Data BackUp Services

3i Infotech’s Endpoint Data Backup Services strengthen your endpoint backup process and make your cloud storage environments safe. Our encryption-enabled, super scalable and cost-effective cloud data security solutions help enterprises take control of their data and ensure that files and information move safely between enterprise assets and the cloud.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Centralized policy based management and enterprise class auditing, meeting your compliance objectives
  • Simple, self-service restores, decreasing data risk, while enhancing visibility and employee data access
  • Integrates seamlessly with an enterprise’s Lightweight Directory Access Protocol(LDAP) or Active Directory namespaces
  • Scale easily to multiple geographies as the business grows, enabling effective use of data across regions
  • Optimize flow-control based on network bandwidth availability with network throttling to reduce server instability
  • Optimize storage usage with compression and data de-duplication, resulting in longer retention periods
  • Partial file transfer capability ensures that only changed data gets moved, which stems duplications

How Backup as a Service Works

Enterprise Backup & DR Services

Enterprise Backup as a Service
A secure backup is the best way to protect data against hardware failures, data breaches or ransomware attacks. It is paramount for organizations to ensure safety of customer and end user data to maintain business continuity.

3i Infotech’sEnterprise Backup as a Service enables you to strengthen the backup process and make your cloud storage environments safe.

Key features

  • Encryption-enabled, giving an additional layer of security to protect your critical business data
  • Scalable on demand backup services, to meet your ever-changing business requirements
  • Cost-effective, as it simplifies management, streamlines compliance and ensures maximum value from data
  • Data security, helping you take absolute control of data, ensuring that files and information are always safe
  • Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) enabled, restricting access, thereby reducing scope of data leaks

Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)
DRaaS from 3i Infotech is affordable and efficient image-based, which ensures availability of applications at all times. It is data and platform agnostic.

Key Utilities and Features

  • Fast, flexible failover of specific Virtual Machines or an entire site, with settings specific to different modes
  • Streamlined failback with zero data loss and minimal disruption to users, while minimizing network traffic
  • Recovery assurance, including support for replica and failover testing and alternating production between sites
  • Seamless integration with user interfaces, workflows and data collection, making the process hassle-free

How DRaaS Works

Security as a Service (SECaaS)

3i Infotech’s SECaaS offers security administrators the ability to evaluate their cloud configuration security posture, detect potential threats originating from misconfiguration of cloud resources, analyze traffic across cloud resources (in and out of the cloud), and evaluate cloud configuration against best practices. It gives them the ability to manage risk across multi-cloud infrastructures, ensures regulatory compliance reporting, and incorporates remediation into the cloud infrastructure lifecycle automation framework.

How SECaaS Works

Cloud Management Platform (CMP) Services

Our CMP Services provide one single platform to effectively manage hybrid IT infrastructure. They support all the major public/private cloud and virtualization platforms.

The services enable you to

  • Get a consolidated view of your on-premise and cloud environments, including services and resources
  • Get insights into managing and controlling public cloud costs, making the entire process cost-effective
  • Modernize app infrastructure with multi cloud and platform integration, which improves application performances
  • Enhance cost/performance ratios of your cloud infrastructure, enabling you to use the cloud system cost-efficiently

How CMP Services Work

Development Operations Collaboration (DevOps) as a Service

DevOps as a Service ensures rapid on-boarding of applications by automating the end-to-end delivery pipeline and also, facilitates continuous integration and development across leading cloud platforms. It helps you build CI/CD pipeline to facilitate development of better quality software more quickly and reliably.

DevOps as a Service enables you to:

  • Automate provisioning (infrastructure as code), providing computing power on-demand without manual intervention
  • Automate builds – Continuous integration, with the help of stackable virtual development tools
  • Automate deployments – Defined deployment pipeline and continuous deployments with appropriate configurations
  • Automate Monitoring – Proper monitors in place to send alerts and stem failures that happen with human intervention
  • Automate Metrics – Performance metrics and logsto ensure enhanced view of software and application performance

How DevOps as a Service Work



Consulting / Advisory Services

Using customer business requirements, our assessment framework will validate which applications can migrate to which cloud platform and how they will meet SLAs once deployed. The service also tests key transactions using industry-leading hybrid simulation, identifying potential bottlenecks and offering recommendations for addressing any inefficiency.

Migration Services

Migrations to cloud are often more complicated than just a simple lift-and-shift. Our certified experts have led several successful cloud migrations. They will make sure yours is seamless as well without disruption, to help you reduce costs and automate the entire process.

Cloud Managed Services

3i Infotech provides a comprehensive and integrated Cloud Lifecycle Managed Services to address mission-critical applications. What you get is an agile, innovative solution to drive digital transformation, and a solid IT foundation in the cloud.Our Cloud Centre of Excellence (CCoE) provides certified cloud experts to help maximize your cloud investments, through 24/7 ongoing management of cloud environments that cover infrastructure, applications and data.3i Infotech adds value to your cloud foundation with continuous cost and consumption optimization, performance and availability monitoring and automation by identifying use cases through areas like automation and analytics.

Cloud Optimisation Services

Our continuous Cloud Optimization services help with the assessment of your current cloud deployment and identify the gaps, if any. Our certified cloud experts will evaluate your cloud environment, report on critical gaps, and re-architect your cloud for maximum efficiency and benefits.

Your advantages

  • Optimizes the billing of your cloud environment (workloads, zone setup, etc.)
  • Enablesother cloud services in your deployment strategy
  • Reduces the cost by utilizing the latest cloud services
  • Strengthens cloud security through our Security as a Service
  • Automates cloud operations to reduce costs through our cloud management portal


  • Enhanced performance, cost optimization, high availability of IT
  • Focus on core business instead of IT maintenance
  • Flexibility to support real-time business needs
  • Continuous improvement of service levels
  • Comprehensive approaches for performance, scalability, resiliency, & security
  • Customized end states for cloud-first, agile-first, capability-first and secure-first

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