ERP software for merchandise


Merchandising is pivotal to the success of apparel manufacturers, integrating, planning, developing, executing and delivering product lines as per market forces and demands. Technology has been embraced in various forms across all industries, enhancing and improving virtually every aspect of business. From quality to speed, performance parameters have undergone massive transformation due to the impact of technology and most importantly has reduced costs, turning operations more cost effective. ERP in apparel merchandising offers businesses unlimited benefits in streamlining operations, helping organisations to plan intelligently and work on a unified, seamless platform for greater operational efficiency. Here is a look at five compelling reasons for adopting ERP in apparel merchandising.

Slashing time taken for order fulfilment cycle

The apparel industry is routinely bedevilled by delays in fulfilling orders. Reasons are manifold, including an ad-hoc or poorly planned use of raw materials to fulfil orders. Poor planning results in prioritised production and order fulfilment for an entity who is yet to reach the re-order level.  With ERP, the scope for confusion and wrong prioritisation is eliminated.

Enhanced inventory management

Inventory management can be a nightmare for organisations that do not have plans in place. Sorting of merchandise into SKUs, and as per the needs of vendors can often be overwhelming, especially when it comes to managing inventories in levels that are able to meet a spike in demands.  With ERP inventory management will be streamlined into an efficient process.


Improving production planning and control

ERP helps organisations to bring in greater efficiency in scheduling master production plans, based on inputs from various other modules such as demand, sales, inventory, resources, raw materials etc. With advanced algorithms at play, this module will help organisations to draw the best and most cost-effective schedule in planning and control of production.

Access across locations and devices

Access to information and reports is no more straitjacketed into office hours or devices located on-site. Digital transformation has made it necessary for key personnel to have access to reports and information 24/7, from anywhere, from any authorised device.  ERP offers organisations, features that permit authorised access that help take better decisions, and make better plans.

Significant costs reduction and customer retention

Price is the threshold that many organisations have found difficult to cross. Multiple reasons contribute to the inability to cut costs. By implementing ERP, organisations can bring about a reduction in overall operational costs, overheads, and timely procurement of raw materials to keep inventory costs low. By reducing costs, businesses can retain customers and attract new clients.
ORION ERP caters to the specific needs of industries through highly flexible features for seamless operational efficiency in business. Innovative ERP solutions have consistently helped industries, including apparel manufacturers to reap benefits and transform.

ERP demo - Orion 3i