An efficient ERP system streamlines business processes and provides valuable data insights that facilitate timely business decisions. Manual data entry on spreadsheets are prone to human errors that can result in irrevocable business loss. Moreover, they are not equipped to handle the large volumes of online transactions that an e-commerce portal witnesses daily. An ERP system will not only provide a bird’s eye view of all processes, but also make business data meaningful, manageable and accurate.

Here is a checklist to help choose an effective ERP system for your e-commerce business:

Does the ERP system fulfil your unique business needs?

Outline specific requirements of your business and then, map them to the features of the ERP system you wish to purchase. Remember to create your requirement list before starting your search for the best ERP. Do consult your sales, production, finance and human resources teams for creating a comprehensive list.

Is the ERP compatible with your e-commerce platform?

To facilitate seamless functioning of ERP, data would flow between the e-commerce interface and ERP modules. Hence, the two should be fully compatible to offer prompt updates of inventory and finances.

Does the ERP have an integrated CRM system?

Customer service is a vital part of an e-commerce business. To ensure excellent customer experience and quick resolution of client issues, an efficient CRM system should be integrated within the ERP system.

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Does the ERP offer real-time data?

Data and analytics offered by the ERP system should be real-time. Customisable dashboards that offer accurate and specific metrics should be available within the ERP system.

Is the ERP flexible in pricing and usability?

Customers access e-commerce portals across multiple platforms and on multiple devices. Hence, the ERP system must be flexible and usable on omni-channel.  Flexible pricing models based on the number of users would be more advisable if your e-commerce business has just begun and looking to expand operations.

Can the ERP be scaled up as business grows?

An ERP system that can easily be scaled up as users multiply and business grows would be best for e-commerce businesses. Cloud-based ERP systems can be managed and maintained offsite without the need for dedicated staff or resources.

Does the ERP give training support?

An ERP system having comprehensive training and documentation will be helpful in the implementation process. Ample support for troubleshooting would be an added advantage.

Choosing the right ERP system for your e-commerce business is a crucial first step to regularising operations and optimising ROI. 3i Infotech’s ORION ERP is a cloud-based ERP software that performs data mining remotely. Its visual dashboards can be customised to your business needs. It comes with intensive implementation guidelines and requisite documentation support.