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Testing Services


Today, enterprises need solutions that can bring together testing tools & environment, domain knowledge and expertise with less cost, quick delivery and a faster go-to-market strategy. 3i Infotech is well poised to help enterprises worldwide develop a highly effective testing strategy and execution model for realizing their system verification, validation and compliance scenarios. We leverage a combination of key differentiators such as test solution accelerators, high process maturity, domain expertise, world class infrastructure, dedicated test lab, centers of excellence and robust alliances.

Core Competencies

Our unique testing framework and domain test accelerators, combined with industry best practices enable us to offer services that span the entire spectrum of testing requirements. We follow a business outcome-oriented methodology, keeping tabs on key indicators such as performance metrics, financial metrics, and quality metrics. We leverage our extensive domain expertise and over 100,000+ test assets across industries like BFSI, manufacturing, retail, telecom, pharma, healthcare, and life sciences to offer Domain Test Accelerators that slash the time required for test designing and accelerate testing process outcomes.


Automation Testing

At 3i Infotech, our approach to automation testing is end-to-end, from Due Diligence to Framework Development, Feasibility Analysis, Automation Test Plan, Script Development, Test Environment, Test Execution, and Defect Management. Our advanced test automation services operate on custom frameworks such as Flexib – Swift Test Automation, with in-house IP-driven tools, and industry-specific workflow repositories to accelerate quality assurance. We offer customized technology-driven services for Agile and DevOps modes of application development, where the development lifecycles require continuous quality assurance.

Flexib - a collection of in-house automation frameworks, automates functional & non-functional testing using commercial/non-commercial tools. These hybrid frameworks use the best of keyword & data-driven capabilities and offer the advantage of reusable test scripts, functional libraries, business process and use cases. They support Continuous Integration/Testing/Delivery and adapt to DevOps processes. While model-based testing framework is used to automate work flows and use cases, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) services are used to automate business processes. The Flexib framework helps automate AI using Blue Prism, Automation Anywhere and UiPath.

Mobility Testing

This includes the functional, performance, security and automation aspects of testing, evaluating parameters such as compatibility, user experience, communication and interrupts. Our approach covers analysis, test case development, test evaluation, test reporting, and delivery – ensuring continuous integration and delivery, addressing aspects such as unit testing, build acceptance, regression, and publishing readiness, across all types of mobile devices.

Performance Testing

The approach involves Comprehensive Application Performance Testing, Component-Level Performance Testing and Product Performance Testing - evaluating load, stress, volume, stability and scalability of the application. Testing is done using real-world network simulation and predictive performance modeling, supporting all types of mobile platforms and applications. Performance test using 3i Infotech’s Flexib – Swift Test Automation framework can be incorporated in a Continuous Integration/Testing/Delivery environment for better results. Key services include Performance Engineering, Performance Testing, Performance Monitoring and Advisory.

Security Testing

The services offered comprise Application Penetration, Mobile Security, Risk Advisory, and Digital Security. The security test is integrated into the software development life cycle, employs reusable artefacts and best practices, and has the capability to analyze & recommend. These services are backed by robust alliances with security product companies and leading vendors such as HP, RSA, IBM, Symantec, and Veracode. This is achieved by using Flexib - Swift Test Automation, our security framework that seamlessly integrates with leading tools such as HP, RSA, IBM, Symantec and Veracode, and provides robust vulnerability report & recommendations.

Testing as a Service

This offering includes pay-per-use models, outcome-based risk/reward engagement models, focus on continuous improvement, domain accelerators to drive more than 50% test efficiencies, end-to-end testing services, and an experienced pool of subject matter experts. The benefits are lower TCO, faster time-to-market and assured quality.

Cloud Testing

Services offered include Testing on the Cloud, Testing the Cloud, and Testing using the Cloud, across private, public, hybrid and community cloud deployments. Cloud Testing services eliminate up-front investment in hardware, reduce investment in resources, achieve faster time-to-market, standardize testing practices, and enable access to testing expertise.

Big Data Testing

Key services offered include Data Migration, Post Data Validation, Big Data Performance Testing, Big Data Security Testing, and Data Analytics. This covers various aspects such as data migration, post data migration, data analytics, performance, and security – evaluating parameters such as volume, velocity, variety, and veracity.

Digital Testing

Key services offered include Mobility, Internet of Things (IoT), Data Analytics, Performance and Security, to deliver quality customer experiences.


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