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In today’s era, performance testing has become an absolute essential factor in software testing cycle. Companies are gradually realizing the importance of performance testing and are implementing this in their operations. But one may ask, what is performance testing? A process of gauging the system’s behaviour in diverse situations. The intent is to examine and improve key performance indicators like response time, data, hits per sec, memory, CPU utilization etc. In short, performance testing is a process used to determine the speed of certain aspects.

There are 3 key aspects of Performance Testing

  • Speed
  • Scalability
  • Stability

The Requirement For A Performance Test Plan

Performance testing is the need of the hour for most companies today due to their many advantages. Many times, there are glitches in the systems – the reason for which could go unnoticed by the team. This is when the performance test plan is needed. They can –

  • Validate if a system meets the performance criteria
  • Compare systems to scrutinize better performance
  • Recognize the causes that led to poor performance of the system

Not just that. Performance testing also serves to verify other quality features of the system – Speed, scalability, and stability.


Having a performance test plan comes with an array of advantages. Some of them are –

  • Eliminating system failure
  • Reduce delayed system deployment
  • Eradicate avoidable system rework
  • Abolish unnecessary system tuning efforts
  • Reduce operational overhead while dealing with system issues.

Devising A Test Plan

Every performance test needs a full-fledged plan backed by a detailed document. The test plan is imperative for a well-implemented performance testing strategy. It is an indication that a team has successfully carried out the test to deliver a smooth customer experience. The test plan should include –

  • Performance risk evaluation focusing on the performance requirements
  • Performance demonstration – examining the diverse load procedure outline
  • Conversion of the user journey into components
  • Report on user journeys with precise think time/business transaction metrics
  • Test description for performance validation
  • Testing atmospheres

Benefits of the Performance Testing Plan

  • It helps every customer transaction run smoothly in less time through easy functional flows
  • Recognizes and sends signals if there is a need for an improvement in production configuration
  • Scrutinizing the code quality and letting the team know if there is a need for fine tuning
  • Helping capacity management become efficient

Looking for performance test plan and analysis services? 3i Infotech provides a unique performance testing approach that can be incorporated in a continuous integration/testing/delivery environment for better results. The key services include performance engineering, performance testing, performance monitoring and advisory.

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