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4 Things to Bear in Mind When Selecting an Enterprise ERP

An enterprise ERP software is designed to meet the unique requirements of conglomerates straddling diverse business lines across locations. The need to integrate all quadrants of operations and processes into one single seamless and consolidated system is vital for large organisations to succeed. An enterprise ERP [...]

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5 Ways ERP Systems Can Benefit Real Estate Companies

Real estate companies work in a highly challenging ecosystem. The industry moves at a fast pace and they need to constantly be up-to-date with information. An efficient ERP system can streamline their workflow from lead management to project closure. A web-based ERP system integrated with a CRM system can reduce o [...]

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The Ultimate Checklist to Choosing an ERP System for your e-Commerce Business

An efficient ERP system streamlines business processes and provides valuable data insights that facilitate timely business decisions. Manual data entry on spreadsheets are prone to human errors that can result in irrevocable business loss. Moreover, they are not equipped to handle the large volumes of online trans [...]

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Timely Upgrades to your ERP System Can Avoid Security Threats

ERP systems work with large volumes of vital company, client and employee data. Even a minor security setback in ERP systems can disrupt the fine balance between processes and expose sensitive data to malware and ransomware attacks. Latest cloud-enabled ERP systems handle data from multiple devices and are accesse [...]

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6 Reasons Why Pharmaceutical Companies Need an ERP System

Today, the pharmaceutical industry is facing numerous business challenges such as radical healthcare reforms, stringent regulatory requirements, a demanding and discerning customer base, alarming global competition and unpredictable market trends. Consumers are looking for healthcare products of supreme quality at [...]

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5 Ways of Simplifying Fleet Management with An ERP System

Whether you own a fleet of 5 or 500 vehicles, an ERP system is especially effective for fleet management. The transportation sector works on razor-thin margins dependent upon fluctuating fuel cost, rising insurance cost, regulatory government rules, mounting workload and loss of productivity due to improper mainte [...]

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