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5 Warning Signs that You Need an ERP Change in 2018

Businesses sometimes fail to see the writing on the wall about the out of sync ERP solutions in use. While the dazzling array of features and functions may have appeared to be most relevant at the time of implementation, the clamour for a change may become louder with the passage of time. Let’s dive into five dif [...]

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What is an integrated ERP system?

An integrated ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system is a software utilised to optimise business process management. Essentially, a system of interconnected business applications manages your enterprise and automates many back-end business functions such as financial accounting, human resources, and more [...]

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5 Business Transformation Strategies That Work

Change is always disruptive. It is imperative for companies to transform their processes and strategies to remain relevant in an ecosystem that is ever-evolving. However, organisations embark on business transformation journeys and often get mixed results. Failed attempts to ERP upgrade programme result in cost, sc [...]

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3 Workflows that are Strengthened with An ERP Solution

  ERP focuses on streamlining business processes by enabling seamless communication and coordination between the siloed departments of an organisation. ERP modules facilitate connections between supply chain organisations or between an organisation and its customers.Although there are unlimited workflows that [...]

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Is Your ERP Software GST Ready?

The much talked about GST implementation has become a reality. The Goods and Service Tax, a revolutionary and historic step in the Indian taxation system, is being heralded as the biggest tax reform in India. GST will add to the economic growth and bring simplicity in the way businesses operate by replacing existi [...]

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4 Benefits of a Robust ERP System for Oil & Gas Companies

Oil and gas (O&G) companies work in a volatile ecosystem and are susceptible to fluctuations in international rates and changes in regulatory requirements. These companies ride on unpredictable waves of demand and supply and an ERP system can offer them a bird’s eye view of all operations and real-time data on [...]

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How Non-Profit organisations can benefit from an ERP solution

Non-profit organisations are governed by strict regulations and are required to maintain high levels of transparency with financials and operations. As these organisations run on donations, they need to have proof of where and how they are spending the funds. Donors will only fund non-profit organisations whose pe [...]

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