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Increasing User Buy-In for a New ERP Just Got Easy!

In some organisations, the reasons for ERP moving on the slow lane is typically due to a few apprehensions. This includesthe fear that the solution may require complex processes, while not actually offering the expected or desired solutions. This is far from the truth, especially in the context of an evolved ERP. [...]

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4 Things to Bear in Mind When Selecting an Enterprise ERP

An enterprise ERP software is designed to meet the unique requirements of conglomerates straddling diverse business lines across locations. The need to integrate all quadrants of operations and processes into one single seamless and consolidated system is vital for large organisations to succeed. An enterprise ERP [...]

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Is Your ERP Software GST Ready?

The much talked about GST implementation has become a reality. The Goods and Service Tax, a revolutionary and historic step in the Indian taxation system, is being heralded as the biggest tax reform in India. GST will add to the economic growth and bring simplicity in the way businesses operate by replacing existi [...]

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