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The Real Cost of an ERP: The Hidden Considerations Often Overlooked

An ERP system elevates your business on all fronts, however it does bring with it certain considerations and most importantly, it brings its costs. So, what expenditure do you have to be prepared for when seeking an ERP solution? Irrespective of your industry or whether it is on-premise or cloud-based, an ERP solu [...]

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How to Ensure a Smooth ERP Go-Live

  In many organisations, the much-awaited ERP go-live may sometimes end up failing to meet expectations, and nowhere close to making a splash that it was expected to accomplish. While one of many, or a combination of multiple factors may have contributed to poor implementation, it is necessary to understand t [...]

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How to Prepare an ERP Budget that Sails through Implementation

Budgeting for an ERP system involves a few additional tools and forecasting methods that are intrinsic to the implementation lifecycle apart from the usual projections and inputs that go into any budgeting exercise. It is important that decision-makers factor in every single aspect to prevent cost overruns and imp [...]

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8 Key Factors to Focus on while Implementing the ORION ERP Solution

ORION ERP software is a complete ERP system that can help your business gain a competitive edge, however, it is important to note that steps need to be taken to ensure the implementation process goes as smooth as possible. ERP implementations can be a risky undertaking and many factors can lead to its success or f [...]

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Organisational Change Management Strategies for a Successful ERP Implementation

One of the biggest mistakes we commit with ERP projects today is not realizing the need for organisational change management. It is a curse that many organisations feel that change management is an unnecessary expense. Change management is often misunderstood and devalued by higher-ups who think that simply instru [...]

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5 things to consider when implementing an Enterprise Resource Planning software

From its advent in the early 1990s, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software has become an increasingly popular business management tool. Having evolved from a back-office operation automation software, ERP functional capabilities have drastically evolved over the years and now encompasses financial application [...]

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