De-risk systems to power high performance.


Complex IT systems (developed to match business needs) carry the threat of system failure and data leaks. 3i Infotech’s Resilience Testing service empowers organizations to embrace complex, business-driven technology without the associated risks. Our IT health checks proactively control security, performance, and stability risks and thus improve system reliability, confidentiality, integrity, availability, effectiveness, and efficiency.
Our Resilience Testing service helps businesses deal with issues like non-conformance, loss of privacy, breach of authenticity, scalability, and instability by covering the entire spectrum of security tests:
Our engineers use Dynamic / Black Box and Static Application Security Testing Tools along with best practices and leading industry standards and frameworks to:
  • Prepare a security architecture and database review and gap analysis report
  • Evaluate infrastructure requirements and identify and validate data breaches
  • Conduct vulnerability assessment, penetration testing, static code reviews (CAST®), security configuration audit, and resiliency monitoring (BreakingPoint®)
  • Present covert/overt testing results analysis and system performance & stability baselining report
  • Assess defense mechanisms and policies and recommend measures to ensure resilience across infrastructure, databases, applications, and information assets
  • Ensure maintenance of regulatory compliance
3i Infotech’s business-metric-driven methodology and deep expertise helps your organization derive significant value:
  • Ensure that business-critical IT systems are protected against day-zero attacks
  • Improve system reliability, confidentiality, integrity, availability and effectiveness
  • Empower the organization to overcome performance, security and stability challenges
  • Use results to defend staffing and monetary investments
3i Infotech’s Resilience Testing service gives you access to the best resources in terms of process, technology, and people:
  • High process maturity and industry best practices and methodologies that guarantee quantifiable, outcome-oriented solutions
  • Business-focused methodology that monitors performance (e.g., Value Index, Efficiency Index, TAT), cost (Execution Productivity, Test Case Yield), and quality (Rework Effort, % Defect Class, Defect Slippage) metrics
  • 100,000+ test assets across industries like BFSI, manufacturing, retail, telecom, pharma, healthcare, and life sciences
  • World-class infrastructure and deep expertise to deliver Testing as a Service (TaaS)
  • Strong alliances with leading tool vendors to provide unique value, substantial cost benefits, and leading technology platforms like Legacy, Mainframe, Sun, IBM, HP, Intel, and ERP
  • Domain Test Accelerators to drive speedy and functionally aligned test services.
  • Flexible engagement models that ensure alignment to demand variability and relationship maturity

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