Turn system performance into a business enabler.


A robust, scalable, high-performance system facilitates business efficiency. 3i Infotech’s Performance Testing (PT) service uses an HP-powered structured testing approach to improve system performance and prevent costly business disruptions. We customize our methodology to each organization’s needs, technological checkpoints, compliance requirements, and system users.
Our PT service includes load and stress testing, PT tool evaluation, resilience testing, and performance monitoring and tuning. We combine code level diagnostic tools, performance and automation tools to:
  • Craft a PT strategy by identifying PT scenarios, load mix, and PT tools
  • Benchmark performance, ascertains performance bottlenecks, and implement tuning measures
  • Validate the architecture and application scalability
  • Deploy SMEs, create test data, and set up a test lab
  • Install the PT tool, configure load generators/agents at different locations, run test scripts, and set up monitors and logs
  • Capture and analyse results to identify bottlenecks and submit the final PT summary report
Our structured, yet customized HP-powered solutions lead to substantial business benefits:
  • Derive 20% cost savings by detecting performance issues prior to release, in production-like conditions
  • Eliminate operational costs involved in hiring full-time SMEs and automation tools
  • Leverage the repeatable benchmark environment to reduce testing time after changes and to diagnose and fix problems faster
  • Avoid infrastructure problems and increase application availability in production
  • Increase business efficiency with the ability to plan capacity and predict bottlenecks
  • Improve user experience and customer satisfaction with performance benchmarking
3i Infotech uses world-class resources, industry-leading tools to help you stay ahead. With 3i Infotech, you get access to:
  • Specialized testing services (as opposed to Black Box testing) with a domain-aligned functional approach for business parameterization
  • Industry best practices and methodologies 
  • Leading technology platforms like HP, Legacy, Mainframe, Sun, IBM, Intel, and ERP
  • Expert consultants equipped with technical expertise across multiple industries

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