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3i Infotech’s Manual to Automation services are founded on a model-based testing strategy that helps organizations reduce defects and costs, accelerate the testing process and lifecycle turnaround time, and free up resources. We help businesses capitalize on the efficiencies of automated testing. Using our proprietary approach and an advanced automation tool suite, our professionals:
  • Understand and analyse the functional specification document, identify testing processes for automation, and draft a test automation plan and test execution report
  • Validate, customize, and install the automation tool and set up the test script generation environment
  • Develop requirements-models-based functional specification documents and generate test scenarios
  • Create and execute the generated automation scripts, manage defect logs, and customize the automation tool
  • Implement the automation framework after client sign-off
3i Infotech’s efficiency-focused approach and world-class tools empower resource optimization and deliver significant business benefits:
  • Close to 100% test coverage (positive & negative scenarios), resulting in a near bug-free product
  • More than 30% reduction in testing effort, 20x productivity boost, enhanced reusability, & early fault detection with model-based testing
  • Effective and efficient management of testing data, defects, & functional changes
  • Improved quality, consistency & productivity of testing processes with reduced lifecycle time, costs, & resource usage
  • Increased testing control through real-time status reports, Central Repository of Test Cases/Scripts, etc.
  • Compliance with regulatory guidelines
3i Infotech’s automation solutions use our proven methodology and best-in-class resources, ensuring that you benefit from:
  • Our 100,000+ test assets across industries like BFSI, manufacturing, retail, telecom, pharma, healthcare, and life sciences
  • Expert consultants equipped with domain-specific, standardized (e.g., regression testing), and specialized (e.g., Mainframe, Cloud, Agile) expertise
  • Industry best practices and methodologies, with customized business solutions
  • Leading technology platforms like Legacy, Mainframe, Sun, IBM, HP, Intel, and ERP

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