In line with our vision of being a Full Services Test Partner, our Testing and Compliance service helps organizations across varied industries and geographies build robust testing strategies and models that prevent defects, shorten time-to-market, and optimize costs.


3i Infotech’s Independent Testing service for third party Products or applications is delivered through a cost-effective and flexible offshore-centric delivery model that minimizes quality and post-deployment support costs and accelerates ROI realization via business-process efficiencies. It solves for problems surrounding product engineering, IPR protection concerns, test management issues, and vendor-related problems (e.g., poor data bandwidth).
Our third party Product Testing services include:
Our third party Product Testing with international frameworks and methodologies:
  • Prepare a Product Scope Statement, Risk Impact Assessment Report, and Product Architecture Review Report.
  • Define a product test strategy and work plan using re-usable components and frameworks
  • Set up customer-focused labs for product testing, develop business-focused testing processes and methodologies, and present a Test Results and Analysis Report along with recommendations for future releases
  • Incorporate systematic testing approaches and tools into compliance controls and benchmarking to ensure visibility into the existing compliance alignment
  • Draft business process blueprint documents and functional designs
3i Infotech’s business-metric-driven methodology, superior expertise, and alliances with industry-leading tool suppliers results in significant business value:
  • Improve product quality and stability, thus achieving higher ROI and precluding the need for new capital investments
  • Minimize the quality cost and cost of ownership
  • Accelerate the testing process and speed time-to-market
  • Get superior automation coverage and regression automation
  • Ensure enhanced product functionality, integration, reusability and repeatability
3i Infotech offers you the best technology, processes, and people. When you use our Product Testing service, you get access to:
  • Our high process maturity and industry best practices and methodologies that guarantee quantifiable, outcome-oriented solutions
  • Our business-focused methodology that monitors performance (e.g., Value Index, Efficiency Index, TAT), cost (Execution Productivity, Test Case Yield), and quality (Rework Effort, % Defect Class, Defect Slippage) metrics
  • Our 100,000+ test assets across industries like BFSI, manufacturing, retail, telecom, pharma, healthcare, and life sciences
  • World-class infrastructure and deep expertise to deliver Testing Services
  • Strong alliances with leading tool vendors to provide unique value, substantial cost benefits, and leading technology platforms like Legacy, Mainframe, Sun, IBM, HP, Intel, and ERP
  • Domain Test Accelerators to drive speedy and functionally aligned test services
  • Flexible engagement models that ensure alignment to demand variability and relationship maturity

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