Achieve compliance. Build trust.


3i infotech’s Compliance Testing service empowers organizations to achieve conformance across the entire IT landscape (Information, Applications, Databases, and Infrastructure) and build customer trust without huge technology investments.
Our certified consultants and qualified security assessors (QSAs) use advanced tool alliances with industry leaders, test data management tools; and industry best practices to identify business challenges and improve data protection and privacy responsiveness to business needs via:
  • A comprehensive review of organizational adherence to regulatory standards that includes a Compliance Scope Statement, Risk Impact Assessment Report, and Architecture Review Report
  • A test strategy & work plan, test user models, test scripts & test data
  • Vulnerability scans and penetration testing (for applications, databases, and network/infrastructure).
  • Pre-audit compliance checks, documentation management, compliance audits and reports, independent and periodic audits, and a detailed security audit on critical applications and/or systems
  • Recommendations for conformance
  • Business process blueprints, functional designs, etc., tailored to regulatory and business goals
Our Compliance Testing service also covers test data management that reduces the complexity of managing and creating accurate test data, ensures high-quality applications, minimizes testing/release time and resources, improves project manageability, and offers the following deliverables:
3i Infotech’s proven expertise in compliance provides organizations with the following benefits:
  • Ensure that your organization is compliant with regulatory requirements (even for maintenance and support assignments) while cutting down on compliance costs
  • Accelerate the shift in focus from protecting devices to protecting information
  • Reduce operational costs and improve incident detection and rectification by breaking down security and performance/availability silos
  • Ensure effective business operations through improved visibility of data privacy, security, accuracy and availability
  • Minimize security risks and enhance data protection and privacy responsiveness to business needs
  • Ensure DQ-IQ-PQ-OQ alignment for any IT product/project implementation
  • Align your IT infrastructure and processes with business goals
3i Infotech’s Compliance Testing service ensures that you work with the best in terms of technology, processes, and people. We leverage:
  • Our high process maturity and industry best practices and methodologies that guarantee quantifiable, outcome-oriented solutions
  • World-class infrastructure and deep expertise to deliver Testing as a Service (TaaS)
  • Quick ramp-up capabilities that transform CapEx into OpEx
  • Strong alliances with leading tool vendors to provide unique value, substantial cost benefits, and leading technology platforms like Legacy, Mainframe, Sun, IBM, HP, Intel, and ERP
  • Domain Test Accelerators to drive speedy and functionally aligned test services
  • 100,000+ test assets across industries like BFSI, manufacturing, retail, telecom, pharma, healthcare and life sciences
  • Flexible engagement models that ensure alignment to demand variability and relationship maturity

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