3i Infotech’s Infrastructure Management Services (comprising Advisory, Infrastructure Center of Excellence, and Enterprise Management services)
leverage rich multi-domain expertise to build optimal infrastructure setups with 24x7x365 IT support.


3i Infotech’s IT Infrastructure Management Services accelerate innovation, align IT with business goals, and enable peak infrastructural efficiency across organizations worldwide. Our teams leverage technology alliances with industry leaders and OEMs to build optimal IT setups, implement organization-wide controls, offer 365x24x7 support, and facilitate business agility that powers growth through standards compliance

Service Offerings

Leveraging rich multi-domain expertise, 3i Infotech has developed a detailed infrastructure monitoring and management methodology —TICO™.

  • Transform IT operations into business-aligned units
  • Integrate diverse technologies to provide powerful solutions
  • Comply with ITIL, ISO, SAS70, SOX, and all other relevant standards
  • Operate efficient infrastructure units with minimal service disruption

TICO™, an ITIL-compliant approach, focuses on service excellence. It is based on the principles of global best practice frameworks such as ISO 20000 and ISO 27001. As part of TICO™, our specialists:
  • Set and achieve stringent SLAs for enhanced customer satisfaction
  • Provide 365x24x7 support
  • Establish robust quality systems
  • Help organizations adopt new technologies and implement innovative solutions
3i Infotech has consistently delivered service excellence to 300+ customers via systems, methodologies and partnerships that have helped our customers win—time and again. Here’s what sets 3i Infotech’s IT infrastructure services apart:

  • Best-in-class people, tools, and processes: Rich domain expertise across multiple industries, cutting-edge technological resources, best of breed of tools and ISO 27001- and ISO 20000-compliant processes ensure a world-class IT experience.
  • A proprietary approach: Our proprietary methodology, TICO™ (Transform, Integrate, Comply, & Operate), delivers tangible business benefits and performance-driven IT solutions.
  • Key alliances with global technology leaders: Our alliances with industry leaders and OEMs enable us to offer our clients best-in-class solutions cost-efficiently.
  • Infrastructure Centers of Excellence: On-demand infrastructure and computing services delivered through our Infrastructure CoEs help customers slash operational costs, reduce deployment risks, and optimize IT availability.
  • Flexible delivery and engagement models: To cater to our diverse client base—from multinational corporations to single-center operations—we offer a wide range of flexible engagement and delivery models.
  • World-class infrastructure: With four 24×7 Global Network and Security Operations Centers, Tier-III data centers, and state-of-the-art infrastructure, 3i Infotech offers customers nothing but the best.
When you choose 3i Infotech, you get access to these key differentiators that help us—and in turn, you—succeed. You get more than a solution; you get a competitive advantage.

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